“I am so grateful to my wife.”

‘New blood’ appeared on the LG mound. Right-hander Yoo Young-chan (26). It is not a case that stood out at the same time as joining. After serving in the military, his speed increased by 10 km per hour. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop (55) also calls it “our harvest.”

Bae Myung-go-Konkuk University graduate Yoo Young-chan was nominated in the 2nd 5th round of the 2020 rookie draft. It is ranked 43rd overall. It wasn’t a very high ranking. A pitcher who throws at around 130 km/h. College records are not good either.

It means that LG saw the possibility and selected it. After going through a time of tempering, he is seeing the light this year. Meanwhile, he also served in the military. He is a married man who has even been married. He’s still only 26 though. And 2023 is the first year of the first team. He became an official player this year from the status of a foster player. He is in good shape as soon as he comes.

the record tells 메이저사이트He has appeared in 14 games and is making 1 loss and 2 holds with an earned run average of 3.06. He appeared in 12 games in April, with one loss and an earned run average of 3.52.

After that, he won 2 holds in 2 games in May. 1.1 scoreless innings against NC on the 2nd, 1 scoreless inning hold against NC on the 3rd. He even had two consecutive holds in his debut first hold. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop openly said, “Our biggest gains so far this season are Yoo Young-chan and Park Myung-geun.”

There is a reason. The immovable finisher Ko Woo-seok is out due to injury. National team setup man Jung Woo-young is also not very good this season with 3 losses and 6 holds, and an average ERA of 3.86.

Nevertheless, LG is running second in the league with a bullpen ERA of 3.53. The biggest driving force is, of course, Yoo Young-chan. He ranks first among bullpen pitchers on the team in innings.

In April he acted as the chase team. Of his 12 games, he only has multi-inning games, half of which amount to six. In May, he proudly entered the winning group. He came up after two outs in the 7th inning with a 5-3 lead against NC on the 2nd and made a perfect 1.1 innings, and even against NC on the 3rd, he appeared at the bottom of the 8th inning with a 2-1 lead, blocked with 1 hit and no runs in 1 inning.

As he played frequently, his confidence grew. In fact, LG is a team that has a tight schedule for Futures pitchers to enter the first team. It was because the power was strong. It is no different than Yoo Young-chan.

Yoo Young-chan said, “Honestly, it was a bit daunting. He was like that before he went to the army, and it was like that after he came back. He wondered, ‘Can I go to the first team?’ He’s thankful he can throw now. He explained that the director gave him a chance, and he is working hard to live up to that expectation.”

As he continued to throw, his confidence grew. “He’s been in the opening entry, and he keeps throwing, so I think he has a slightly better future. There is also something he feels as he keeps going out. My body was different when the score difference was large and when it was a close match. I’m trying to throw it out with all my strength,” he pointed out.

He continued, “I entered the opening entry and started as a pursuit group. Now we are going out even in winning games. I feel better. I feel like I’ve caught something because I go to the game often.”

It was possible because the ball was good. Prior to enlistment, he was not a pitcher who threw a fast ball. Now it comes out at 150 km/h. “Before enlistment, the speed was in the late 130km/h to the early 140km/h. In the first appearance after being discharged, 148 km per hour came out. He explained the process, saying, “After the camp and going through the demonstration game, I took it up to 150km.”

He also said, “I did a lot of lower body training with the coach at the camp. He also practiced pressing the ground. He seems to have naturally improved. He also benefited greatly from the team’s scientific training. I’m not perfect, but I think I can make up for it to some extent because I have a good pitch.”

He also set goals. He also constantly thinks about what to do for that goal. “I want to never go down to the second team and play in the first team without injury. I want to throw more than 50 innings, and I want to do 20 holds.”

In addition, “His brothers say, ‘Eat well, rest well. (Lim) Chan-gyu said, ‘Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened. Just focus on throwing from the mound and throw without thinking. Don’t even notice’. I try to rest as well as possible and throw my own ball.”

Although he is still young, he is already married. He also expressed his gratitude to his wife. He seemed shy, but he was sincere. “I have a lot of trouble taking care of myself. He always comes home late and sleeps late. Thank you for always taking care of me. love. I am writing the song (Sherlock Shiny) because my wife likes it,” he said with a bright smile. 

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