American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour players did not hide their sense of betrayal at the PGA Tour’s merger with LIV Golf.안전놀이터

World No. 2 and this year’s Masters Champion Jon Rahm (Spain) said at an official press conference on the 14th (Korean time) two days before the opening of the US Open, “Many players feel betrayed.”

“We want trust, but this time there was no consensus,” he said, targeting the PGA Tour executives who decided to merge with LIV Golf.

Rahm, who heard the news of the merger through the news while taking care of a child at home, added, “It must have been difficult for the players to wake up and hear such shocking news.”

A significant number of players, including Lam, expressed disappointment at the lack of communication with the players in the PGA Tour leadership, including Commissioner Jay Monahan.

In particular, the players expressed anxiety at the lack of explanation about the future of how the tour would operate, as well as how it led to the merger.

Colin Morikawa (USA) said, “We want to know the reason for the (merger).” They are all different,” he complained.

LIV players were no exception to feeling frustrated because they did not know the inside story.

Cameron Smith (Australia), who moved to LIV Golf after winning the Open last year, said he was tipped off only 10 minutes before the official announcement of the merger. said.

However, Dustin Johnson (USA), the flagship player of LIV Golf, assured that LIV Golf will proceed as scheduled until next year.

He emphasized the continuation of LIV Golf, saying, “I want the best players in the world to gather and play in one place, but for the time being, it will be divided.”

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