Scottsdale (Arizona, USA), reporter Kim Tae-woo, video reporter Kim Seong-cheol]

A total of six players from LG belong to the Korean national team who will participate in the World Baseball Classic to be held in March. This is the highest number among KBO league clubs. It is also a proof that LG’s basic power is strong.

However, the performance of the rest of the players is also important for LG to challenge its ultimate goal of winning the Korean Series. LG, which is conducting a 2023 spring camp in Arizona, is also paying attention to the possibility. In particular, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is paying attention to the right-handed hitter trio of Jae-Won Lee and Ho-Young Son of Song Chan. It is a judgment that the team’s batting line can become complete only when they grow one step.

Lee Jae-won, who postponed 토토사이트his enlistment, is a Uta geopo resource that is receiving the most attention at this year’s LG spring camp. Lee Jae-won, who has already been evaluated as one of the top players in the KBO league, is testing his potential as the team’s starting first baseman this year. Yeom Kyung-yeop, LG coach, is putting in effort after picking Lee Jae-won as the next-generation hitter who can become the ‘second Park Byung-ho’ early on. At the beginning of the season, we even prepared a plan to help emergency in an easy position.

Son Ho-young of Song Chan stands by as the infield keystone combination guarded by veteran players. Both players are infield resources with one-hit power. All of them are slugging infielders capable of hitting 20 or more home runs, and expectations are high on the team. Although they are players who do not have much first-team experience yet, we cannot give up as they can greatly contribute to the left-right balance of LG’s other lineup.

The LG Twins, who started spring camp in 2023 with new coaching staff and new determination. As the big picture to catch the immediate grades and future is drawn in the Arizona sky, attention is paid to whether new faces will reveal the possibility.

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