“Let’s not cry this year.”

SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung smiled and said a word to the infield geopo Jeon Eui-san.

On the 11th (Korean time), coach Kim met with reporters at the 2023 camp site in Vero Beach, Florida, USA and said, “I told Jeon Eui-san, ‘If you defend well, you can continue to play as a starter’. He said, “Euisan is also working really hard.”

Jeon San is preparing for his first season at Campground in the United States since joining the pros. The resolution is great this year메이저사이트. I work hard every year, but since I saw my potential last year, I became more desperate.

Having been nominated by SK in 2020, he was registered as an official player in 2021 and spent a year in the Futures League. He played 40 games in the Futures League, batting 2.7 with 5 homers and 12 RBI. The club had expectations as a resource for future infield giants. He is 188 cm tall, has good physique conditions, and has hitting power. Besides, he was evaluated as a player with good quickness.

It was not easy for him to enter the first team. Last year also started in the Futures League. Then, while he was batting 2.5, 6 homers, and 19 RBIs in 31 games, an unexpected opportunity arose. When Kevin Cron, a foreign batter who was in charge of first base, was released due to poor hitting, Jeon Eui-san took over the position.

Jeon Eui-san, who played immediately after being called up to the first team on June 8, made a strong impression by producing hits in five consecutive games. During the month of June, he posted a batting average of 3.3, 3.0, 3 home runs and 17 RBIs. However, as he made several mistakes while defending, his confidence plummeted. During the game, he made mistakes and was upset that he even suffered from heartache.

Director Kim said, “I can make mistakes,” and “I have to keep trying. Yesterday, ‘don’t cry this year. If you make a mistake, don’t cry.” Still, he could be hit harder by an error than when he struck out. So he said he had to practice a lot.”

Jeonuisan has long hitting power and main power in hitting. He is a young resource that will strengthen the SSG infield. He also has high expectations from his coaching staff. So he hopes to train more defensively and play with confidence this year.

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