There were many expectations that the power of 2023 Bukilgo would be rather weak. The reason was simple.

This is because Kim Hwi-geon (3rd year of Whimoon High School) transferred to Whimoon High School. In high school baseball, the absence of one ace is often quite significant. But it is not. Excluding Seoul, Bukil High School is the only school in the country where promising players gather. The best players gather from all over the world, including Gwangju, Daegu, and Busan.

It is true that power has weakened this year, but this is limited to the third year. The 1st and 2nd graders are still strong. They can fully fill the vacancy in the third year.

Among the 3rd graders at Bukil High School this year, there are about 4 players to pay attention to. They are Lee Hyun-wook, Choi Jin-seok, Lee Seung-hyun, and Yang Jae-ho. The player to pay attention to the pitching staff is, of course, left-hander Lee Hyeon-wook (3rd grade). Lee Hyun-wook is a player who transferred from Seongnam High School and has good control and curves. He performed exceptionally well in the phoenix last year. He is likely to throw the most innings at Bukil High School this season. He is a player who is likely to be nominated as a pro.

Choi Jin-seok is a tall left-handed pitcher who transferred from Jemulpo High School. It is only now that it has started operating after a one-year school transfer gap. However, he is struggling with physical condition in this winter league. First of all, apart from the speed, I can’t control it at all. However, there are clubs watching him because he has the merit of being a tall lefty.

Catcher Lee Seung-hyeon is also a strong pro player. He is a right-handed and left-handed player, and it is evaluated that he has the long-range shooting ability to send the ball far based on a strong impact at the moment he hits the ball. His fighting spirit is good, and his sincere personality also plays a part. He is also in good shape. If I had to find a point that I regretted온라인바카라, I threw out second base. It is pointed out that his biggest regret is that his throwing still has ups and downs. Last year, there was a history of leading the team to victory by filling the transfer vacancy of Kim Kun-hee (19, Kiwoom Heroes) at E-Mart Bae. At this point, he is the most likely player to receive the highest order in Bukil High School.

He also has a secret weapon. Jaeho Yang (19, 3rd grade). As long as the body is healthy, the qualities are good enough. Yang Jae-ho recently overcame a back injury and participated in team training. Yang Jae-ho was one of the representative geopo resources in the country during his days at Onyang Middle School. He is one of the protagonists who led the heyday of Onyang Middle School, including Hyunbin Moon (Hanwha) and Junho Choi (Doosan). However, he could not train properly due to an injury and went through a paid course. The performance Yang Jae-ho shows is expected to affect the landscape of Geopo resources this year, which Park Woo-yeol (Daegu High School) is leading.

However, the real value of Bukil High School lies in the lower grades. There are a lot of top-notch lower graders. Among the sophomores, it is necessary to pay close attention to Park Jeong-woo. He is a right-handed orthodox pitcher who is well over 190 cm tall. Kim Seo-hyun is a sidearm who has thrown many games since last year. He played a significant role in winning the E-Mart Cup, and the same is true this season. Both of them are expected to be used as the main axis of the Northern Hills.

Among freshman pitchers, it is definitely Park Jun-hyun. As the biological son of NC Park Seok-min, he boasts great baseball talent. According to Bukil High School coach Lee Sang-gun, he is already throwing a fast ball that reaches 145 km/h. He is a player who has the potential to become a big pitcher.

On the shortstop side, Yoon Chan is making a strong impression in the Winter League. He is good at defense, but he is also outstanding in offense and defense, such as producing home runs already in offense. A coach at Bukil High School said, “Yunchan is running rampant in the Winter League. He seems to be a bit crazy”, to the extent of joking around. Currently, he is a shortstop at Bukil High School, where Moon Hyun-bin and Kim Min-jun graduated. He won’t be a starter, but he’s likely to get an occasional chance.

Bukil High School, the most prestigious school in the Chungcheong region, has been steadily knocking at the top since Lee Sang-gun took over as head coach. It is also the winner of the E-Mart Cup last year. Their goal, like last year, is to win their first national championship. Shinsegae E-Mart Cup 2nd consecutive victory.

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