Although the match was lost, Lee Hak-min showed off his limited presence.

Chungnam Asan lost 2-3 to Jeonnam Dragons in the third round of the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 12th at 7:00 pm.

Chungnam Asan, who had a surprise 4-back in the last match against I-Park in Busan, used 3-back. Song Joo-ho and Bae Su-yong, who had not been good in the game, were placed, and Park Seong-woo was put in as the right stopper. Park Seong-woo was a resource playing as left and right wingback, and although he was not a centerback, it seemed to be used as a stopper on the right to keep in check the speedy Lim Chan-wool. Lee Hak-min played as the right wingback.

Being pushed back by the midfield battle,메이저놀이터 Chungnam-Asan could hardly bring the flow. When Cho Sang-hoon conceded and was dragged away, coach Park Dong-hyuk tried to change. With Lee Hak-min as the right stopper, Kim Sung-joo was placed on the left and Park Seong-woo was placed on the right. Even this didn’t have much effect. At the start of the second half, Park Seong-woo was removed and Kim Min-seok was put in to form a 4-2-3-1 formation. Lee Hak-min went to right-back this time.

Lee Hak-min, who changed positions several times in a short period of time, pierced the right side of Chungnam-Asan with a sharp advance in the second half. Although he took a straight breakthrough, he went into the center and released the defense focused on Duarte and others. Thanks to Lee Hak-min’s performance, Chungnam-Asan made a tie, but conceded to Hanam, making it 1-2. Lee Hak-min scored his first goal of the season in the 40th minute of the second half, making it 2-2.

Park Tae-yong conceded a goal and the match ended with Chungnam-Asan losing 2-3. Although defeated, Lee Hak-min’s dedication and influence were commendable. Lee Hak-min, whom we met in the Mixed Zone, said, “I thought we would win, but it’s a pity that the result was this way. All the players were disappointed because we conceded just before the end. I feel a bit discouraged.”

If we win, we call Ulsan Hyundai home, but we couldn’t. Lee Hak-min said, “The coach emphasized the confrontation with Ulsan. He seemed more determined because he was from Ulsan. I wanted to meet him, and I wanted to win because it was home, but I couldn’t. The coach was also very sorry.”

Regarding the part where he went to and from many positions, he said, “There can be confusion when running here and there, but during practice, he trains well for his position. The coach set tactics to suit the situation and talked well with his colleagues, so there seemed to be no confusion.” .

The beastly scorer seemed to have a special meaning to Lee Hak-min. Lee Hak-min said, “I personally have to feel good to see the taste of the goal early, but it is difficult because of the result. I will be able to give strength to the league because I scored today. The schedule is tight, but I rather like it. If the term is long, It was more difficult to manage my stamina. If I continue to play well and recover, I will be able to achieve good results,” he said, strengthening his will.

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