Heejin’s older sister’ Kim Heejin (32) remains as a franchise star for IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

The IBK Industrial Bank Altos Volleyball Team said, “We have renewed the contract with Kim Hee-jin for an annual salary of 350 million won (annual salary of 150 million won, an option of 200 million won).”

After recruiting housekeeper Hwang Min-gyeong as an external free agent,메이저사이트 he renewed the contract with Kim Hee-jin, who can play in multiple positions thanks to his tall stature and strong attack power.

Kim Hee-jin is a founding member and franchise star of the team who joined IBK Industrial Bank as the first choice for the new team in the 2010-2011 V-League Draft.

During her 12 seasons at IBK Corporate Bank, she played 331 games and 1226 sets, scoring a total of 4170 points, leading the regular league, championship match, and KOVO Cup championships three times each.

Kim Hee-jin, who ended the season early last season due to an injury, is focusing on rehabilitation training to return to the court in good health for the next season.

An official from the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea said, “By renewing the contract with Kim Hee-jin, who has won several championships, we will once again rebuild the team’s reputation as the Kieun dynasty.” It will become a more advanced club.”

Meanwhile, the club also expressed its gratitude to Kim Su-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance. “I am grateful to the player who devoted himself as the team’s main player despite difficult circumstances during the 6th season,” he said. “I will always cheer for Suji Kim’s new start.”

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