Kim Geun-woo (21), who made a name for himself in junior golf tournaments, declared that he would aim for the rookie of the year ahead of entering the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) stage.

Kim Geun-woo, who tied for 18th in the KPGA Korean Tour Qualifying Tournament last November, will enter the KPGA Korean Tour this year as a rookie.

Kim Geun-woo started playing golf in earnest when he was 11 years old, in the 4th grade of elementary school. He said that at the time he dreamed of being both a soccer player and a golf player, but he was more interested in golf, so he held a golf club in his hand instead of a soccer ball.

Kim Geun-woo was active as a national standing army from 2017 to last year, when he was an amateur. In 2019 and 2020, when he was a student at Zhongshan High School, he achieved two consecutive victories in the junior competition Young Gun 안전놀이터 Smatch Play.

As a member of the Standing Army, he was aiming to be selected for the national team, but he was unable to wear the Taegeuk mark. Kim Geun-woo said, “Actually, it was unfortunate. He almost lost his direction as a golf player when he couldn’t make it to the national team list in 2022, but he overcame it well with the help of those around him.”

Regarding entering the pro, Geun-woo Kim said, “Last year, I succeeded in joining the KPGA Pro and KPGA Tour Pro in succession. Afterwards, I was active on the KPGA Srixon Tour and achieved good results in the KPGA Korean Tour QT. It was like a dream.” I just want to get results,” he said.

Since the 15th of last month, he has been training in Palm Springs, California, USA. She focuses on putting and wedge shots within 100m.

Kim Geun-woo said, “To be competitive in the KPGA Korean Tour, you need to play a sophisticated short game.” “Last year, I corrected my swing. The driving distance is about 290 yards,” he explained.

His goal this season is to win his first title and the Castelbajac Rookie of the Year award.

Kim Geun-woo said, “Currently, I am training with (Lee) Jae-kyung hyung. I ask a lot of questions and ask for advice.”

He said, “I participated in the Genesis Championship as the winner of the 2020 Young Guns Match Play. I missed the cut, but it was a good experience.” I want to grow step by step. I will work with an attitude of learning, but if the opportunity comes, I will not miss it.”

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