Jeonju KCC has been struggling with height problems for quite some time. In the case of a starter-class native big man, it was a very scarce resource, so even so, the reason for the low height of the forwards was a big reason. In order to cover this (?), I tried to counter it with relatively abundant guards, but it was a difficult method to work in the trend of increasing average height.메이저사이트

Therefore, the recruitment of Lee Seung-hyeon (31‧197cm), which was made ahead of last season, was greatly welcomed by KCC fans. This is because the main player who can hold on at position 4, which was often attacked by the opponent’s native power forward, has finally been filled. It was also a plus effect that Song Gyo-chang (27, 201.3cm), who will return next season, did not have to play for a long time as a power forward because of Lee Seung-hyun’s existence.

In addition to that, the FA market peaked by bringing in Choi Jun-yong (29‧200.2cm). If Lee Seung-hyun can show his best skills in No. 4 and Gyo-Chang Song in No. 3, Choi Jun-yong is the best all-around player in Korea who can cover all No. 1 to No. 4. There is also Kim Sang-gyu (34‧ 201cm), who is unfortunate as a starting player but is good as a backup forward.

The quality and quantity are so thick that I wonder if there has ever been so many tall forwards in the history of KCC. Even if one or two forwards fall out due to injury, a lineup formation that can be maintained at a certain height was created. Unlike the past, where we always had to suffer from mismatches, the fact that we can now attack the opposing team with mismatches was a difficult part to think about in the past.

Until now, the time when KCC received the most expectations for height basketball was when Ha Seung-jin (221cm), a ‘Victor fan’, had just entered as a rookie. At that time, ‘Goliath’ Seo Jang-hoon (34, 207 cm) was already holding out in the team, so it became a team with only two native center players. At the time, coach Hur Jae did not stop there. Even foreign players brought in Mika Brand (207cm) and Brian Harper (203.4cm) to dream of a starting lineup with an average height of over 2m. For the Sixth Man, Jung Hoon (197cm) was also used. If you look at the average height alone, you can see it as the best ever.

Unfortunately, KCC’s ultra-tall lineup did not operate properly. Harper was kicked out early due to his jagged performance, and Ha Seung-jin and Seo Jang-hoon had serious mobility problems as well as overlapping movement lines, making it practically difficult to use them simultaneously. No matter how well the attack was done, it exposed serious problems in the defense.

Of course, overlapping problems between Ha Seung-jin and Seo Jang-hoon were expected to some extent. Regarding this, Seo Jang-hoon said, “As a veteran, I will do my best to help develop juniors for the team,” but he ended up only thinking about it for three days. As soon as business trip time is reduced, Seo Jang-hoon’s mentality collapses and even causes controversy over sabotage, putting the team in crisis.

In the end, KCC succeeds in rebounding as Seo Jang-hoon makes the trade as he wants and brings Kang Byung-hyun in return. It is true that height has a great influence in basketball, but it is a prime example that confirms the fact that you cannot use your strength properly if you are not in harmony. In particular, in the recent trend in which space basketball is important, it has become an impossible combination for players with low mobility to use them simultaneously.

However, the current KCC is different. Song Kyo-chang, Lee Seung-hyeon, and Choi Jun-yong have no problems with mobility and are players who combine BQ and shooting skills. Song Kyo-chang and Choi Jun-yong are players whose strength is speed, and Lee Seung-hyun, who is relatively slow, is also not fast, but not to the point of being pointed out as a weakness. The main players’ health problems and Choi Jun-yong’s mental issues are just variables, but there is no problem with simultaneous use. Laguna (34‧200.5cm) is also a player with many strengths in running basketball.

Of course, the main ball handler problem remains to be solved. There are so many candidates that about half of all players are guards, but there is still no player who can stably digest No. 1. This is why an awakening player appears among existing players or an alternative to using the Asian quota system is being discussed. Considering Laguna’s deterioration, recruiting a foreign guard could be an excessive risk.

Depending on the situation, there is a high chance that Heo Woong (30‧185cm) will take on the No. 1 starting pitcher. Considering that he is an offensive guard, Choi Jun-yong, who mainly carries the ball rather than playing many roles and has a good passing sense, can think of ways to return the ball as a linker. Song Gyo-chang is also good at ball handling, so he can help with ball delivery. Let’s see if KCC, which has suffered from height problems for a long time, can spread new wings and soar to the top.

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