KB beat BNK. 

Cheongju KB Stars won 64-62 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 regular league match against Busan BNK Some held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th.

5th place KB (9-16) escaped from 3 consecutive losses and continued its hopes of advancing to the playoffs. 4th place BNK (13-11) fell into a three-game losing streak.

Following Park Ji-soo and Yum Yoon-ah, KB faced bad news in which even Kim Min-jung suffered a neck injury during the first quarter. However, Kang Isul saved the team with 32 points and 22 rebounds. Kang Iseul even hit a dramatic winning shot that ended the game. 

In BNK, where Kim Han-byeol was absent, Jin-an scored 20 points and 17 rebounds, and Lee So-hee scored 19 points, but lost.

At the beginning of the game, in the tense aspect of the two teams exchanging points, KB, with Kang Isul’s 3-point shot one after another, took the lead. BNK also did not back down, earning points from under the goal with Han Umji. 

In KB, Iseul Kang fought hard, but BNK took the lead by aggressively attacking Jinan. KB had the bad news that Kim Min-jung injured her neck and left during the loose ball competition. The first quarter ended with KB trailing 16-17. 

In the second 안전놀이터quarter, while BNK’s offense was in a lull, KB succeeded in turning around. KB was on the rise, blocking BNK’s attack scoreless for over 4 minutes. BNK escaped the scoring drought with Ahn Hye-ji’s jumper. KB, who allowed Kim Si-on to make a 3-point shot, ended the first half with a score of 29-28.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter, when BNK succeeded in turning around with Lee So-hee, who survived, KB did not back down easily with Kang I-seul exploding. Kang Iseul went back and forth and scored 7 points in an instant. BNK also fired back with Kim Si-on’s outer gun. After that, Kang Iseul and Lee Sohee’s 3-point shot broke out and the game on thin ice continued, and the third quarter ended with a 41-41 tie.  

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, players from both teams fiercely engaged in loose ball competition and burned their will to win. In the midst of the hassle, BNK gained strength with Ahn Hye-ji and Han Um-ji scoring. BNK, riding on the momentum, gained the upper hand by adding to the score even to Jinan. 

However, BNK struggled to score extra points and did not escape easily. In the end, KB, which blocked BNK’s attacks one after another, returned the match to the starting point with one minute left. 

BNK, in crisis, defended the right to attack with tenacity on the ball, but shots from Jin An, Si-On Kim, and Hye-Ji Ahn missed the rim one after another. KB committed a fatal turnover in the last attack of the fourth quarter, but Jinan’s quick layup attempt missed and sighed, and the game went into overtime. 

Both teams fought fiercely, starting with the goals of Jiyeondo Kang Iseul and Lee Sohee. However, after that, the score did not come out easily, and the team did not come out easily. KB’s attack ended in failure, and both teams were unable to decide the outcome in the first overtime. 

In the second overtime, while BNK struggled with Ahn Hye-ji’s shooting, KB took the lead with Huh Ye-eun and Kang Iseul’s scoring. Heo Ye-eun, who survived the second overtime, led the team’s attack with graceful movements. Being on the defensive, BNK dramatically tied the score with Lee So-hee’s 3-point shot. 

The battle between the two teams was not easy. When KB took the lead again with Iseul Kang’s free throw, BNK turned the game back to square one with Sohee Lee’s bold breakthrough.

The hero who saved KB was Kang Isul. Kang I-seul led the team to victory with a dramatic buzzer-beater jump shot at the end of the second overtime. 

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