Rumors of Juventus being released came out, but he denied that it would ever happen.

Journalist Fabricio메이저사이트 Romano, who is well versed in the situation in the European transfer market, mentioned on his SNS the rumor of Paul Pogba leaving Juventus.

Romano said: “Juventus denied the rumor that Pogba was released. It is a position that they are not even considering the possibility.”

Pogba started his professional career in 2011 as a former Manchester United youth player. However, he did not show the performance as expected and he left for Juventus.

Pogba, who left for Juventus, spent his best days winning numerous championships in league and cup competitions, and even winning the Golden Boy.

Manchester United were fascinated by Pogba’s performance and re-signed him in August 2016. He thought it would be the return of the king, but the reality was not.

Due to his insincere training attitude and slump, he was unable to show much and left only a bad boy image, and his contract with Manchester United expired, and he declared a second breakup without an extension.

Pogba, who returned to Juventus with good memories, was looking forward to his flower path. However, the reality was different. He has been out of power due to an injury and is unable to play.

Here, Juventus was punished with a point reduction on charges of reducing losses in the process of transferring players and making huge profits after inflating transfer fees, and rumors of the departure of key players and the release of Pogba were raised.

However, Juventus denied Pogba’s release and is in a position to continue to be together.

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