Professional football K-League 1 Jeju United announced an all-out war ahead of Ulsan Hyundai, which is ranked first in the league.메이저놀이터

Jeju will face off against Ulsan at the Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 10th at 6:00 pm in the 18th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023.

Jeju, which recently ran undefeated in 8 league games (6 wins, 2 draws), lost 1-2 in the Pohang Steelers away game in the 17th round and fell to 4th place in the league.

However, the gap is not large. The gap with 2nd place Pohang is 2 points and is tied with 3rd place FC Seoul. Depending on the results of this round, the top rankings may fluctuate again. Pohang and Seoul will face off on the 11th.

In other words, it is an all-out war. K-League 1 will begin a two-week A-match break after this round. In response, coach Nam Ki-il showed his will to pour all available power as it is a game to be played ahead of a long break.

‘Anborghini’ Ahn Hyeon-beom, who was absent from the last Pohang expedition due to lack of stamina, joins the team again. As he was recently selected for the A team for the first time in his life, his motivation to prove his worth against Ulsan, his ‘home team’, is stronger than ever.

Jeju Kim Oh-gyu (right) is also about to return.

Signboard defender Kim Oh-kyu, who was absent due to accumulated warnings, is also returning. If Kim O-kyu joins as a three-back, the existing left stopper Jeong-woon can be used as a left-sided defender, and multi-player Kim Bong-soo can be used more aggressively.

Coach Nam Ki-il said through the club, “Leading Ulsan is not an easy opponent. But Ulsan is only one opponent. Eventually, we have to overcome it.” We can do it. We have become stronger while overcoming crises. We will show that in the Ulsan expedition as well.”

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