Hyundai Mobis Kim Tae-wan visited his alma mater Korea University to cheer his fellow students.

Korea University won 62-45 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Yonsei University held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 25th. Korea University kept its lead by running undefeated.메이저놀이터

Befitting the university’s best rivalry game, famous basketball figures visited Korea University. Players, coaches, and basketball officials, including coach Jo Sang-hyun and committee member Lee Kyu-seop, as well as Lee Jeong-hyeon (Samsung) and Choi Seong-won (KGC), visited the site.

Last year, when he was a junior at Korea University, Kim Tae-wan, who challenged early entry and wore a Hyundai Mobis uniform, also visited his alma mater to cheer for Korea University. After the game, Kim Tae-wan exchanged greetings with his colleagues Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun and congratulated them.

Kim Tae-wan said, “I want to say that all the kids worked hard and worked hard. In particular, seeing (Park) Moo-bin and (Moon) Jeong-hyeon were heartwarming, and in one side of my heart, I felt regretful because we couldn’t be together.”

Of the four 20-year-olds at Korea University, Kim Tae-wan and Lee Doo-won advanced to the pro stage through early entry last year, while Park Moo-bin and Moon Jeong-hyeon remain on the university stage and are leading Korea University’s upward trend. Even though he took off the same uniform, Kim Tae-wan showed affection for his motives.

Kim Tae-wan said, “Aren’t Moo-bin and Jeong-hyeon called the biggest draft words of this year? I think I have enough skills to do that. I believe that he will do well on the professional stage, and I want to tell him that I am always cheering for him from behind.”

However, as they were closer than anyone else, they did not forget the whip. Kim Tae-wan said, “I think Jeong-hyeon will become a better player if he improves his speed and 3-point shot, and Moo-bin would be better if he develops more strength. I also felt the importance of strength while bumping into my older brothers in the pro,” ending the interview by handing a whip.

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