Could it be worse than this? It could be. There are many noises about the relocation of the Oakland Athletics’ hometown.

The glory days of 토토사이트‘Moneyball’ are over. Auckland is having its worst time in years. The main players loved by the fans have already left the team. Rebuilding is being attempted, but it is unclear whether it will be successful. This season, they are recording last place in the American League West division, and there is no possibility of escaping.

Above all, Auckland’s home stadium environment is the worst. The security around the stadium is not good, and the stadium is not properly managed. It is rumored that not only the stench, but also rats can be seen in the baseball field. It is not easy to go to the baseball field unless you are a moderate fan because the surrounding environment is gloomy. In addition, the team’s performance is not good, so the fans who were there are also leaving. Auckland also recorded a crowd of 3035 at the start of the season. That’s less than the number of spectators at most Triple-A teams.

Oakland use Ring Central Coliseum as their home stadium. The stadium use contract ends in the 2024 season.

So, from two years ago, there was a story that Oakland owner John Fisher was pushing for a relocation, and last week, Dave Cabal, president of the club, announced that he had signed a contract to purchase a future ballpark site in Las Vegas, and entered a new phase. The Auckland club announced that it will begin construction of a 30,000-seat partially closed dome stadium in 2024, with the goal of opening in 2027.

While the move is virtually certain, if it becomes a reality, it could leave Oakland and become the Las Vegas Athletics. The MLB Secretariat is actively supporting the relocation of the hometown of Oakland for box office success. Commissioner Rob Manfred expressed his anticipation, saying, “Las Vegas offers real revenue-generating opportunities.” Oakland, along with the Miami Marlins last year, were the first and second teams with the lowest spectator revenue.

However, local media are also questioning the effect of moving to Las Vegas. ‘Yahoo Sports’ ran a special article on the 27th (Korean time) and reported concerns.

When moving to Las Vegas, the problem arises where to play baseball until the ballpark is completed. Las Vegas Ballpark, which opened in 2019, can be used, but if that happens, Triple-A teams will have another concern about where to play. Collisions occur, such as the minor league schedule and the movement routes of call-up players between Triple A and the big leagues.

More importantly, is Las Vegas a better city for baseball than Oakland? “There’s a fact that everyone is overlooking, and Las Vegas may not be a good fit,” Yahoo Sports reported. Las Vegas has NFL and NHL teams, but NFL teams only play eight or nine home games a season. It also plays in the fall or winter, but the baseball team must play 81 games a year in the melting pot summer in southern Nevada. Public transportation is inconvenient, it’s hot and it’s hard. Las Vegas is practically a ‘hot Milwaukee’ Same as me,” he criticized.

An additional problem is the elevation of the site where Auckland intends to build the new stadium. It is located at about 2000 feet (about 609 m) above sea level. It is not as high as the Colorado Rockies’ home stadium Coors Field at 5200 feet, but it is twice as high as the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field (1100 feet), a neighboring team. In addition, the ballpark likely to be used during construction is located at 3,000 feet above sea level.

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