New York Yankees ‘ace’ Gerrit Cole is clearly showing a pitching pace compared to last year.

Cole is 5-0, 1.35 ERA in 7 games this season. He is tied for second in the most wins category and tied for first in earned run average. He pitched 46⅔ innings, the most. He has a .176 batting average and a 0.90 WHIP.

Ahead of the 2020 season메이저사이트, the Yankees are proving the value of investing a total of 324 million dollars (approximately 434.4 billion won) over nine years. He is a player who consistently does his part year after year, but he stands out this year. In particular, compared to last year’s performance, his pace this year is one of the best in his career. said, “By the high standards of the Yankees ace Cole, the past 2022 season has been somewhat disappointing. He had an earned run average of 3.50, 10% higher than the major league average, and had the most home runs (33) of his career.”

However, said, “Things have changed a lot in 2023. He’s still not giving up a home run in seven starts this season. He is off to the best start of his career. And in his first seven starts, he had a 1.35 earned run average.”

After 5⅔ scoreless innings against Toronto on the 23rd of last month, Cole pitched 6⅔innings and 2 runs in the Texas expedition on the 28th, and 6 innings and 2 runs against Cleveland on the 3rd. His earned run average slightly increased from 0.79 to 1.11 and 1.35, but he still has the lowest earned run average in the majors, along with Sonny Gray of the Minnesota Twins.

In addition, said, “Cole’s 7-game start without a home run is the third in his career and the first since 2018.” He is doing better than ever during his time with the Yankees.”

Cole, who became the first pitcher to break the 300 million dollar barrier, is showing off the league’s best side in this year’s American League Cy Young Award race.

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