It’s better than the finish camp.”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop smiled broadly after watching right-hander Lee Seung-jin (28) pitch to the bullpen at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 1st. It was a mixture of praise and encouragement. Coach Lee looked at Lee Seung-jin positively even during the finishing camp and set a goal of ’50 games and an average ERA of 2 points’ this season.

In fact, it is difficult for a pitcher to pitch at all from the first day of spring camp. Director Lee specifically praised Lee Seung-jin, saying, ” 스포츠토토I had a good command,” but at this time, the smile of the command tower could be seen as closer to encouragement. Lee Seung-jin was also not relieved because he knew what kind of heart director Lee had with a wide smile.

It is clear why coach Lee shows great interest in Lee Seung-jin. Until the first half of 2021, Lee Seung-jin was active as the main axis of Pil Seung-jo. His fast ball in the latter half of 140 km per hour was good, and the curve used as a deciding ball was also excellent. He had 13 holds and 2 saves in 32 games in the first half, and his pace was good.

However, he suffered a long slump from the second half of the 2021 season to last year. He moved from the winning group to the chasing group, and later spent more time in the second team. Lee Seung-jin diagnosed himself that the speed of the fastball dropped to the mid-140km level, and the effect of the curve seemed to have halved.

If Lee Seung-jin returns in 2021, Lee will secure one more victory card that can be used in the match. It is important for Lee Seung-jin to get out of his slump and believe in himself a little more and throw the ball.

Doosan pitching coach Jeong Jae-hoon believed that Lee Seung-jin must have gained from the failures of the past two years. He said, “(Lee) promotion is good during camp. It seems to repeat every year, but during the last two years camp was good, but there were ups and downs. Promotion must have been gained because I have failed a few times. You get something too,” he said coldly, pointing out the reality. It was something I could say because I knew better than anyone what kind of player Lee Seung-jin was during the past three seasons.

Although he was not immediately satisfied, he hoped to continue building his confidence thanks to the command tower’s encouragement. Coach Jung said, “To be honest, looking at the three years of spring camp from last year to the year before last, this year is not so good. I can feel that the atmosphere has changed. I’m looking forward to it because it seems like I came after thinking a lot and preparing hard.

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