The team with the strongest power picked on the field was the LG Twins.

LG received no votes in a vote conducted by Sports Chosun for a total of 50 people, including 10 team leaders, managers, operation team leaders, and representative players ahead of the opening of the KBO League in the 2023 season.

In response to the question,메이저사이트 “Which team will advance to the 2023 postseason? (excluding your own team)”, all 45 people from 9 teams chose LG. It is 100% vote rate.

A baseball season is a grand journey with 144 games. There are various variables, from injuries to key players to poor physical condition in important matches.

However, LG recently reached the postseason for the fourth consecutive season. Last year, they finished second in the regular season and went straight to the playoffs. It is the baseball world’s refusal that LG is the most influential team in the postseason this year.

The well-organized mound that leads to Kelly Plutko Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok stands out. Chae Eun-seong and Yoo Kang-nam fell into free agency, but the basic power centered on Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan was good, and free agent catcher Park Dong-won was reinforced. Young blood such as Lee Jae-won, Moon Bo-gyeong, and Moon Seong-ju are strong. The competitiveness of the coaching staff is also receiving favorable reviews. The minimum expectation is ‘fall baseball, more’.

Kiwoom Heroes (44 people), SSG Landers, and KT Wiz (43 people), among the top 5 teams last season, also received a lot of support. The overall power is said to be solid.

Kiwoom overturned the evaluation of being inferior last year and has the potential to rise to the Korean Series, and has recently advanced to the postseason for 9 consecutive years. In general, the focus was on the major league-class pitching combination of An Woo-jin + Lee Jung-hoo.

‘Defending Champion’ SSG Landers and ‘2021 Champion’ KT Wiz (more than 43 people) followed. SSG maintained its winning power last year, and there are players who have experienced winning several times during SK. Here, the return of Moon Seung-won and Park Jong-hoon, who came back from injury, is a great strength.

KT’s starting lineup, which is considered the best in the league, was highly evaluated. Benjamin-Shulser, the one-two punch, Go Young-pyo, who has been reborn as a ‘national ace’, and So-Jun So-Jun, who is behind him, have no gaps.

However, the evaluation towards the KIA Tigers (26 players), who occupied the remaining spot in the 5th round, was relatively low. The KIA also had a favorable evaluation of the solid pitching balance centered on certain key players such as Yang Hyeon-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and Na Seong-beom.

On the other hand, Doosan Bears (24 players), who finished in ninth place, were not easy to support. Along with the other four teams, there were many officials who chose Doosan instead of KIA. The focus was on the synergistic effect from the addition of manager Lee Seung-yeop and ‘15.2 billion catcher’ Yang Eui-ji. The return of ‘2020 MVP’ Alcantara is also a point.

Samsung Lions (13), Lotte Giants (6), Hanwha Eagles (3), NC Dinos (2) followed. The number of people who pointed out the ‘2020 Champion’ NC was the least.

Samsung focused on the three proven outsiders leading to Buchanan-Suarez-Pirella and overall solid power. It is evaluated that Lotte has strengthened its power enough to enter the top 5 by recruiting three free agents, Roh Jin-hyeok, Yoo Gang-nam, and Han Hyeon-hee, through active investment from the parent company.

The Hanwha Eagles also received favorable reviews for their depth through the growth of new faces such as Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang, and Kim Seo-hyun, and promising players such as Moon Dong-ju. The evaluations of the players are impressive, saying, “If you ride the flow well in the beginning, you can rebound” and “I have increased the weight of the batting line, and if the potential of young pitchers bursts, a fight in the 5th round is enough.”

◇Opening special power 50-person survey = Which team will advance to the 2023 postseason? (Excluding your team)

1st place = LG = 45 votes

2nd place = Kiwoom = 44 votes

Tie 3rd place = KT, SSG = 43 votes

5th place = KIA = 26 votes 6th place

= Doosan = 24 votes

7th place = Samsung = 13 votes

8th = Lotte = 6 votes

9th = Hanwha = 3 votes (including 1 dark horse)

10th = NC = 2 votes

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