The Woori Bank team visited Anyang to cheer on the prospective groom and his prospective brother-in-law.

The first leg of the semifinal playoff between SKT A-Dot professional basketball Anyang KGC and Goyang Carrot held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 13th. Familiar faces stood out on one side of the crowd. They were Go Ara, Noh Hyunji, Na Yoon-jung, Oh Seung-in, Kim Eun-seon, and Lee Jae-won of Asan Woori Bank. They visited the gym to cheer Go Ara’s prospective groom Bae Byung-jun.

Go Ara, whom we met at halftime, said,온라인카지노 “I came to give the prospective groom the energy to win. Usually, the players on our team talked a lot about wanting to go to the game together. He explained why he visited Anyang, saying, “I came here because the time was just right today.”

Noh Hyun-ji said, “It is more fun to come to see the game in person. If WKBL has a cute taste, KBL seems to have another charm because it is faster and full of excitement.”

Woori Bank, who won the combined championship in the 2022-2023 season, is currently having a sweet vacation. Go A-ra is in the middle of preparing for her wedding with Bae Byeong-jun, which is scheduled for the 13th of next month, and Noh Hyun-ji is said to be focusing on rest.

“These days, I am busy with wedding preparations. In the future, I will continue to have my boyfriend’s matches, so I will help out and cheer hard. I think I will probably continue to spend my vacation like this.” Go Ara’s words.

Noh Hyun-ji said, “I don’t have anything special. I just eat well, sleep well, and rest well.”

Is it because of Woori Bank’s support? KGC consistently overwhelms Carrot and wins 99-43. Bae Byeong-jun repaid the support of his prospective wife and sisters-in-law with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, including 4 3-pointers, in 23 minutes and 13 seconds.

Go Ara said, “I hope that KGC will also win the combined championship because the Woori Bank players have won the combined championship and received good energy as much as they came to cheer. The most important thing is that the players do not get injured. I hope the coaching staff and the players will win the championship with one mind and will,” she said, leaving a word of support.

Noh Hyun-ji said, “My priority is being a prospective brother-in-law. (Go Ara) Just like unnie said, I hope we can gain strength and achieve good grades. So, in a good mood, I wish her sister and her brother-in-law a happy married life,” she said. 

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