Possible departure of Giuntoli could help United bid for Kim Min-jae
If Giuntoli leaves, Kim Min-jae is highly likely to transfer to Manchester United Korea JoongAng Daily Page 7 article Friday, May 19, 2023 Rumors that Kim Min-jae could be looking at a move to Manchester United this summer took another turn on Tuesday when Italian media reported that Napoli sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli could be moving to Juventus. move: transfer take another turn: turn again sporting director: general manager Min -jae Kim is considering a move to Manchester United this summer after Italian media reported on Tuesday that Napoli director Cristiano Giuntoli could leave for Juventus. Rumors circulated again.

Kim joined Napoli in July last year to fill a gap left by Kalidou Koulibaly’s departure for Chelsea. Kim immediately fitted into the lineup, earning Serie A Player of the Month honors in September and going on to be a regular starter in the first Napoli squad to win a Serie A title in more than 30 years.

gap: gap, margin
lineup: lineup, starting list
Serie A: Serie A (Italian first division football league)
Player of the Month: Player of the Month
regular starter: regular starter

Kim Min-jae left for Chelsea in July last year. 메이저사이트He moved to Napoli to fill the gap between the two Koulibalies. He was immediately put on the starting list, received the ‘Serie A Player of the Month’ award in September last year, and played an active part as a fixed member of Napoli’s first team, leading the team to win the Serie A championship in 30 years.

That single season has already made Kim the most successful Korean footballer ever to play in Serie A, and triggered an arms race this summer as top clubs fight to trigger Kim’s narrow release clause while Napoli look to shut that door for good.

trigger: pull the trigger, trigger, activate
arms race: strengthen competition
release clause: buyout clause (a clause in which the contract between the player and the original club can be arbitrarily terminated by paying a certain amount of money) shut
door: Eliminate the possibility

In just this one season, Kim Min-jae became the most successful Korean player in Serie A. It also made the big clubs compete to strengthen their strength by triggering Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause this summer. However, Napoli are considering removing Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause.

Kim is believed to have a release clause that can be triggered between July 1 and July 15 this summer by an elite European club. If a club meets those conditions, it will have to offer somewhere between 50 and 60 million euros ($54 to 65 million) to activate the clause and will then be free to negotiate player rates with Kim directly.

elite club: prestigious team
activate: activate
negotiate: negotiate
rates: contract conditions

Kim Min-jae is known to have a buyout clause that can be triggered by a prestigious European team from July 1-15. If the team meets the conditions as a prestigious team, it is possible to activate the clause by paying 50 million to 60 million euros and negotiate the terms of the contract directly with Kim Min-jae.

Manchester United have quickly emerged as the front runner, although a whole range of clubs have been linked to Kim, and have reportedly already begun talks to prepare a bid. Some reports go so far as to say that the club has tacit agreement on terms from Kim, although Kim’s camp deny that.

emerge: emerge, emerge
front runner: front runner
be linked to:
related to reportedly: rumored, reportedly
bid: attempt
tacit: tacit
term: condition

With many clubs contacting Kim Min-jae, Manchester United is the front runner and has already started discussions for a recruitment attempt. Some reports even said that Kim Min-jae had an implicit agreement with Manchester United, but Kim Min-jae’s agent denies this.

But with no trades possible until the season ends and that release clause locked up until July, there is still plenty of time for Napoli to circle the horses and other clubs to enter the fray.

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