The start was good. Daejeon took the lead with Lee Dong-won’s goal in the 6th minute of the first half. However, the first half didn’t turn out the way we wanted. In the 30th minute of the first half, he conceded a goal to his opponent from a corner kick. Daejeon had several good chances but failed to score and the first half ended 1-1. 

After the match, Joo Se-jong told the story 스포츠토토behind the halftime locker room after the first half was less than expected through ‘Pop Four Two’. Joo Se-jong said, “Actually, after the first half, I said some bitter things to the young players. I thought they were good enough players, but they didn’t show up.”

He said, “I told the players, ‘The opponent is a K4 League team and we are a K League 1 team. I hope that we can show a more passionate image with such pride.’ I feel good because I showed a good image in ”. I hope that I will have confidence and pride in the future,” he left a message of encouragement.

In fact, Daejeon players revived their performance in the second half. In the 17th minute of the second half, Lee Seon-yu scored an additional goal with a neat shot, and 5 minutes later, Byun Jun-su scored a perfect header from a corner kick. In the second half of extra time, Yoo Kang-hyeon scored a key goal and Daejeon won Geoje 4-1. 

Daejeon B team players digest the K4 league schedule. Players who have not yet had a chance to debut in the K League 1 or who have not played in the first division this season may mistakenly think that they are members of the K4 League. However, ‘Chief’ Ju Se-jong had a different idea. Team A or Team B are all members of Daejeon, which participates in the K-League 1, and I hoped to play with that attitude in the future. 

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