Defending champion SSG is sweating in preparation for the 2023 season at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Biro Beach, Florida, USA.

Five sides of a baseball 안전놀이터field with green grass are spread out in warm weather well over 20 degrees. It is a space where the fielder’s team, the pitcher’s team, and the catcher’s team can train without a circle at the same time. In addition, a new indoor training ground was built this year, which does not interfere with training even in the rain. It is said that this place was built at a cost of 8 billion won.

In the aftermath of Corona 19, the SSG team, which set up a Florida camp again three years after the telegraph SK days, agrees that it is “the best environment for baseball.” There is even a lodging in the training ground, so you can go anywhere in 5 minutes on foot. In the case of the Arizona camp, you have to go to and from the training ground and accommodation by bus, and you have to bring your own equipment.

The cost of camping is also 30% cheaper than in Arizona, USA. In addition, there is no commercial area near the training ground, so it is an environment where you can only focus on baseball.

Of course, it may be free, but from early morning to 9:00 pm, when the training ground facilities are available, he is burning his passion by doing full night self-training. Facility management is also top notch. In the past, it was used as a camp site by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and recently it has been taken over and managed by the MLB Secretariat.

During the period SSG set up camp, this spacious facility is exclusively used. It is also the reason why I keep visiting Florida even though I have to take a plane for over 20 hours just to get here from Korea.

On the 11th, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “I am satisfied with the training environment.” But this place can only be used by us.”

Above all, seeing the ‘young blood’ who voluntarily train late into the night brings a hearty smile. Manager Kim said, “I was passing by to exercise with head coach Cho Won-woo in the evening, and the young players were training on their own. Players these days know how to manage themselves very well,” he praised.The players are also very satisfied. Although there is a point that it is difficult to come and go because the travel time is very long, it is evaluated that “it tastes like baseball”. Jeon Eui-san, who is considered the next-generation giant, explained, “All the players train hard,” and “After the young players train at night, the seniors continue training.” Pitcher Oh Won-seok, who is having his second Florida camp after his debut, raised his thumb, saying, “The weather is nice and it is optimized for exercise.”

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