Park Jong-woo (34, Busan) explained why he decided to stay at Busan I-Park.

Park Jong-woo, the oldest member of Busan I-Park, conducted an interview at the battery training media camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 9th at 1:00 pm ahead of the opening of the 2023 season.

Park Jong-woo, who met with OSEN, explained why he stayed in Busan. At the same time, he said that he is particularly looking forward to Busan’s football this season. The following is a Q&A with Park Jong-woo.

-Why did you stay in Busan?

The team that I think of as Busan is big for me. So I made this decision. I felt the feeling I had when I was a rookie in my first year. I’m looking forward to something, worried, and excited. It is complex. Last year I had really disastrous results. I felt a sense of responsibility. I thought I should prepare harder. I have to put my best effort into helping the team, and with the help of the team, I have to clearly achieve better results than last year. In order to achieve the goal of promotion that Busan citizens and players want, we have to put in a lot of effort.

– The renewal of the contract was delayed. After the contract expired, the contract was renewed.

It’s already past. As a result, I can say it because I am here. In fact, after the contract expired, the scenario did not go the way I wanted and the scenarios around me wanted. There was a club situation, and there were a lot of parts that didn’t fit me too. I had to look for other options.

The director and the representative waited for me. Of course, it was a situation where I could leave enough when the situation came to challenge me. I don’t know. It seems like there was a team in my heart. It could be a financial part and there are many reasons, but the club thought big enough to rule out all of those things. 

I thought there should be a player who should stay in Busan for a long time. A lot of my juniors saw me and thought it would be nice if there was a part of them that they felt while watching a scenario where I stayed in one team for a long time and finished well, even if it wasn’t a big dream. It took time, of course, but the decision wasn’t difficult.

-Your heart must have been complicated.

right. Since becoming a professional, I have never had a headache from contracts or transfers. Rather, when I was young, there was an offer and I was happy. What the director said is that there are parts that need to be accepted. When I was young, there was a time when my older brothers had dark facial expressions for no reason. ‘Why do you look so hard? Do you wear a frown?’, and now I think I know the reason.

I have a desire to live a long career as a player, and I have personal and team goals. I want to be a special senior, not just a senior, to my juniors, and I want to be a special player, not just a player, on the team.

-He often mentioned young players. A story in particular.

I too have walked 안전놀이터the path of a ‘young player’. There are many things that can be seen right now. I started to see things I didn’t see when I was young, and it’s a small part, but I thought there was nothing as important as the attitude of training, personality, and thinking about the team. How much you think about the team, how much you need to be helpful to the team, and self-development are important, but I think no player is more important than the team. I think that if the team produces good results, the individual will also develop. I was talking about this part.

– What does the feeling like the first year you talked about in detail feel like?

I joined Busan in 2010. I’ve never packed my bags before. In 2010, I first packed everything and entered the club. Other than going abroad, I have never unloaded my luggage. It was the first time I was unloaded after my contract expired. It was really strange at that time. After signing the contract, the feeling of packing up again was similar to that of the first year. A lot of time has passed, but I felt like going back to being a rookie. It seems to have returned to the basics. Looking forward to the future, especially this year.

-I suffered a lot of injuries in the past two years. It seems like you’ve lost a lot.

That’s right. Personally, I never really took a break because of my injury. Injury is not something I want to suffer. always follow Personally, it was a disappointing two years. It was the first time I had taken a long break. I think it would have been better if the team did well when I was resting. When I was resting, the team was having a hard time, and as the grades went down, it was even more difficult mentally.

I was also the captain, and I felt that my juniors were struggling in the vacant position. So, the thing to watch out for most this year is injuries. The past 2 years have been so hard. That doesn’t mean you’ll lose yourself. You should always be prepared for some kind of injury. In order to be confident, you should also pay attention to strengthening exercises.

– I spent more time watching intuition than participating.

The heartache was severe. I have to play, but I can’t because of an injury. I had to watch the team struggling. I didn’t drop the tee. We have been married for 11 years, and for the first time, my wife said that it seemed difficult. It was so hard to watch the team go down so out of control. Even if I make a comeback, it’s not like I’m suddenly on the rise. It was very difficult to watch from the side.

-Standing on a new starting line. Going to winter training with coach Park Jin-seop, is it different from before?

After the contract was over, I definitely told the club. He said the coach’s soccer was so much fun. I got the impression that many teams would struggle (against Busan) if the players showed the performance the coach wanted. I may or may not become a leader later, but I have studied too much. I’m learning about soccer that I didn’t know before. I check it separately without the director’s knowledge and write it down. Lots of groundbreaking ideas. 

At the press conference earlier, the director said ‘enjoyably and funly’. Players are not ‘fun’, but at the stage where they feel interest. I am so excited to learn this tactic. I am especially looking forward to this year with the director.

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