It is a situation that has no choice but to look at it with a prayerful heart.

No one can be sure of their health. He is a player who has not shown good results. However, he said that he could be satisfied with just returning to the starting rotation.

This is the story of Hanwha’s new foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez (26).

Sanchez, who has a history of elbow surgery, 온라인카지노shouldn’t be the flop behind Kingham and Smith. It’s an atmosphere that needs to be clearly shown even if it’s ‘healthy’. An official from Hanwha said in an interview with MK Sports, “Injury variables are really difficult to predict. I really pray and hope Sanchez stays healthy and throws the ball to the end.”

The Hanwha team officially announced on the 20th that it had signed a contract with Sanchez for an annual salary of $400,000.

Sanchez, a 26-year-old left-handed pitcher born in 1997, made his major league debut with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2020, throwing 5.1 innings over three games, averaging a 6.75 earned run average.

In the minor leagues, he started 133 out of 140 career games, recorded 32-52 with a 4.61 ERA, and recorded 581 strikeouts in 640.1 innings.

In addition to a fastball with a maximum speed of 140km/h in the second half (up to 151km/h) and a two-seam fastball with a similar speed, he uses curves, sliders, and changeups.

The Hanwha team announced that it expects Sanchez to be able to digest stable innings through an aggressive pitching pattern.

It is difficult to call Sanchez a top-notch foreign pitcher.

His career in the major leagues is not good, and his grades in the minor leagues are not good. He can be said to be a player who is on a growth pace rather than a completion type.

You can’t ask too much of Sanchez. He can be a force just by returning to the starting rotation without any major problems.

However, the fact that Hanwha does not have a clear ace is a problem.

An ace must have the ability to compete against a top-notch opponent. It is necessary to have the strength to not be pushed back even in an ace confrontation.

Sanchez can’t be said to be that kind of player. All records are not very good.

However, for Hanwha, who is tired of foreign pitcher injuries, it can be said that it is a grateful thing to do my part in good health.

That’s why the expression that I’m looking at Sanchez with a heart of prayer came out.

Will Sanchez be able to work in the rotation with a sense of stability and contribute to the management of the Hanwha starting team? For now, that can be said to be the highest expectation.

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