On the morning of the 31st of last month, the entire city of Seoul was shaken with a ‘warning alert’. At 6:32 a.m., most of the citizens had a heart-pounding morning at the alarming emergency text message. However, there are some Seoulites whose memories of that morning are not clear.

LG Moon Bo-kyung (23) was one of the few citizens.먹튀검증

Moon Bo-kyung was born in 1998, and is known as the ‘MZ generation’ that is being talked about these days. But above all, she hardly shows the ‘MZ generation’ characteristics familiar with the digital environment. Compared to players his age, Moon Bo-kyung touches his cell phone less often. He doesn’t open well.

As a result, I tend to go to bed early. It was last week. During the time to take a breath after training before the game, Moon Bo-gyeong talked about lifestyle with the reporter. Moon Bo-kyung started by talking about sleeping. “It is refreshing to sleep for 10 hours. I try to sleep for 10 hours as much as possible.” This is possible because I rarely waste time looking at my phone on the bed. Moon Bo-kyung added, “Once I fall asleep, I seem to fall asleep much more deeply than other people. It doesn’t break well,” he said.

It was at this time that the talk of Seoul’s ‘warning alert’ came out. Moon Bo-kyung said, “I heard that the alert went off, but later I heard about the situation that morning from someone else. I don’t think I’ve heard it at all.” However, it does not mean that they are asleep without knowing the world, regardless of time and place. “I always open my eyes according to the team schedule,” he laughed.

Professional baseball is a game where lifestyle habits are expressed as performance. I play almost every day from spring to fall. The rhythm of daily life is just as important.

In this passage, another advantage Moon Bo-kyung has as a professional baseball player is the ‘ability to forget’. In professional baseball, where joys and sorrows are mixed every day, carrying the ‘pain’ of the previous day into the next day is often a negative factor. This is because it is difficult to expect good results in the at-bat or in defense if the player is in a psychologically depressed state. Moon Bo-kyung said, “I don’t carry my emotions from the last game for long. He seems to be the type to forget quickly.”

On the 10th, the Daejeon Hanwha match. It was a game that LG, who gave up 2 games out of 3 games first, was hit at the edge of a cliff. It was also a game that would have put a lot of psychological strain on most of the players. Moon Bo-kyung saved LG from crisis.

Moon Bo-gyeong hit a sweeping double that passed the center fielder in the top of the first inning when the score was 1-0, with two outs loaded, and after a slugfest in the beginning, Moon Bo-kyung scored a left-handed grand slam in the second inning, with two outs loaded, with a narrow lead of 6-5. He led the team’s batting average from the front with two hits and seven RBIs.

Moon Bo-kyung was also named in the final entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team to be held in September. In international competitions, momentum is just as important as skill. Around 2000, there are many cases where players with a ‘strong heart’, such as Lee Byeong-gyu (Samsung head coach) and Park Jae-hong (MBC Sports Plus commentator), who shone brighter only when they competed in international competitions, excelled.

Although the experience is still small, the image of Moon Bo-kyung slightly overlaps. Moon Bo-kyung also maintains a ‘homecock’ style life pattern, staying at home most of the days when there is no game. “On non-game days, I usually stay at home. It’s the most comfortable,” she said. Maybe Moon Bo-kyung has a ‘mental’ and lifestyle optimized for a baseball player. Moreover, the time and space to expand into the third year of the 1st team stage now seems limitless.

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