After the end of the 2022 season, the ‘protagonist’ of the Major League Stove League was the New York Mets. With the owner of Steve Cohen, who is called a ‘billionaire’, he really showed off a ‘broad run’. As it dominated the offseason, it was expected that this would continue into the regular season. However, the results of opening the lid were disastrous.메이저놀이터

The Mets’ Stove League move was truly staggering. The New York Mets started off-season power reinforcement by signing a 5-year, 102 million dollar (approximately 131.9 billion won) contract with Edwin Diaz, a “finisher” who was in charge of the “back door” for the past 4 years, and then signed a contract with Justin Verlander for 2 years, 86.66 million. By signing a contract worth 112.1 billion won (approximately 112.1 billion won), the Major League’s strongest ‘one-two punch’ was formed, leading to Max Scherzer and Verlander.

The Mets did not stop at defending Diaz and signing Verlander. Through the posting system, Senga Kodai, who aimed to enter the big leagues, was recruited for 5 years and 75 million dollars (approximately 97 billion won), and ‘Rabbit’ Brandon Nemo (8 years, 162 million dollars) and Jeff McNeil (4 years, 50 million dollars) He also retained Jose Quintana (2 years, $26 million), David Robertson (1 year, $10 million), Adam Ottavino (2 years, $14.5 million), and Omar Navaez (2 years, $15 million). .

The amount that the Mets used to reinforce their power in the offseason through the free agent (FA) market alone amounted to about 700 billion won, and according to the U.S.’Sporttrack, the Mets’ payroll was $345.47 million (about 446.8 billion won) in the majors. Rise to the top of the league. The gap between the second place New York Yankees ($279.74 million) and the third place San Diego Padres ($247.4 million) soared beyond comparison.

In the meantime, other clubs have been trying to reduce their size due to concerns about the ‘luxury tax’. Even today, that effort remains unchanged. For example, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to reduce their payroll. However, the Mets’ move was in stark contrast to the other 29 major league clubs. ‘Luxury tax’ seemed not to worry at all.

Of course, the Mets didn’t recruit players without thinking. As can be seen from his contract period, the player recruitment was carried out with a structure that allows him to naturally decrease in size within 2 to 3 years. After all, it was his intention to win the World Series title with astronomical money. However, the Mets’ performance this season has been disastrous.

The Mets are on a seven-game losing streak, starting with the Toronto Blue Jays on the 3rd. As of the end of the game on the 10th (Korean time), it is ranked 4th in the Eastern Division of the National League with a 30-34 win rate of 0.467. The team’s ERA is 4.80, ranking 26th among 30 major league teams, and the team’s batting average is also 0.242, only 20th. The ‘buying the championship with money’ project is leading to a beautiful failure.

The American ‘The Athletic’ was concerned on the 10th that the Mets’ sluggishness could lead to unemployment. The media asked, “Does anyone expect Steve Cohen to watch his $359 million (about 464.3 billion won) investment rot away without moving in any way?” is going down, and this team could ultimately be the cause of the people who ruined the season losing their jobs.”

‘The Athletic’ said, “The Mets have never lost 3 consecutive times while leading 3 points in the 61 years since its founding.” Losing the game 10-13 was the most shocking thing.” The Mets were leading 9-6 by the end of the 5th inning against Atlanta on the 9th. He knelt at the end of the game in overtime.

The media cited manager Buck Showalter as one of the reasons for the sluggish performance of the Mets. “The Athletic” claims that “Manager Showalter is making questionable decisions, from giving Daniel Bogalbeck too many at-bat opportunities to intentionally not sending Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to the fourth pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 4th.” did.

In the end, in order for the Mets to rebound, the performance of Scherzer-Verlander’s ‘one-two punch’ is important. ‘The Athletic said, “The Mets can’t achieve their goal if Scherzer and Verlander fail, and if Pete Alonso’s departure is prolonged, they will continue to rank 20th in the majors in runs scored per game.” Harper and Bob Klapish published a book called The Worst Team Money Could Buy. Thirty years later, they are still writing about the Mets. A sequel could be coming soon.” mocked.

Among the 30 major league teams this year, the Tampa Bay Rays are performing the best. This year’s payroll is only $77.36 million (about 100 billion won). That’s less than the size of Verlander’s two-year deal, which the Mets acquired this year. As pointed out by ‘The Athletic’, the Mets are walking the worst path even after spending money.

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