Hvica Kvarazhelia cannot be left out as the main player in Napoli’s sensation in Italy’s Serie A this season.

He showed off his strong presence after joining Napoli this season. Georgia striker Kvarachhelia is fifth in scoring this season with 12 goals and is leading the team in assists with 10. Napoli, where Kvarazhelia was active, is virtually confirmed to win the championship. It’s been 33 years.

Napoli fans were 카지노사이트enthusiastic about Kvarazhelia’s performance. At the same time, in front of his name, he put the modifier Diego Maradona, a legend of Naples. The highest praise was given to Kvaratsuhelia.

Expressions such as ‘the second Maradona’, ‘Georgia Maradona’, ‘New Maradona’, and ‘Maradona’s successor’ decorated Kvarachhelia.

However, some have pointed out that this expression is inappropriate. He is Italian legendary defender Fabio Cannavaro. He was a world-class defender who played for Inter Milan, Juventus, and Real Madrid, and led the Italian national team to win the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It is a legend that won the Ballon d’Or that year.

The team where Cannavaro, who reigned as the best player in the world, started his professional career was none other than Napoli. He made his professional debut with Napoli in 1991, where he played until 1995. Because of this, Cannavaro knows the greatness of Maradona all too well.

In fact, Maradona is like a ‘god’ in Naples. Napoli experienced two Serie A titles, both with Maradona. Maradona was the god responsible for the beginning and end of Napoli’s victory, and the god who made the periphery team into the strongest team. That is why the name of Napoli’s home stadium is Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Cannavaro said that it was true that Kvarazhelia was doing well, but not enough to give Maradona the name. It meant that no matter how well you did, you should not touch the name of God. Tribal Football, a European professional football site, published Cannavaro’s remarks.

Cannavaro described it as “blasphemy.”

He continued, “It is wrong to compare Kvarachhelia to the great Maradona of Naples. It is not that Kvarachhelia has a problem. It is that the comparison with Maradona is wrong. Any comparison is blasphemy.”

Cannavaro actually admitted that Kvarazhelia’s performance was outstanding. He praised, “Kvarachhelia and Victor Osimen have shown a very strong appearance. They are showing consistent intensity this season. The reason why we can approach the championship.”

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