“You must be under a lot of stress.”

Samsung Lions veteran infielder Lee Won-seok (37) is showing a fierce sense of hitting at the beginning of the season. He played in all 13 games the team played, and he has a batting average of 0.317, 13 hits, 1 home run, 5 RBIs, 5 runs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.832.

Lee Won-seok, 메이저놀이터who is said to have lost about 7 kg in weight during off-season intensive training, is showing a stable appearance not only in offense but also in defense.

Lee Won-seok, whom I recently met, said, “I lost about 7 kg in weight. He’s been thinking since last winter that he’s going to lose some. He went to spring camp in a situation where he lost weight, but he lost more as he did it,” he laughed, “I feel that my body has become lighter. He is much lighter than last year. But he doesn’t think his power has gone down just because he’s lost weight.”

He continued, “I want to play a lot of defense as a personal greed. I always want to show a good performance on defense. That’s why I lost weight. He added, “I set the goal of doing a lot of defense training from the field training.”

Lee Won-seok’s close friend of the same age, Samsung’s captain Oh Jae-il, is not feeling good at the beginning of the season. He has brought hits in the last two games, but the overall early score is more disappointing. He appeared in 13 games, and he had a batting average of .209 with 9 hits, 1 home run, 5 RBIs and 7 runs scored.

He said, “Actually, Zainil will be under a lot of stress. He is a very responsible friend. I don’t know if the team’s performance is good, or the individual’s performance is bad,” he said. There are a lot of good batting balls coming out during training, so once you get a feel for it, I think it will continue a good flow.”

I also added a word about Kim Ji-chan and Lee Jae-hyun, who should grow as the core of the Samsung infield.

Lee Won-seok said, “I hope the two of them do well. I think the Samsung infield will be stable only when these guys do well. People around me say that I am still young, but in the end I am a professional player. I hope I can overcome it and do well.”

Lee Won-seok is also 38 years old in Korean age, and it is true that he has less than one day left to play baseball. So for Lee Won-seok, each game is precious these days.

He said, “If I was under a lot of stress in the past, I like coming to the baseball field these days. I am always working on baseball with a grateful and happy heart.”

Finally, “I don’t really have greed for individual grades. I think all the veteran players on every team will be like that. It’s an obvious story, but I hope the team wins a lot.”

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