Antonio Conte, who leads Tottenham, has returned to the training ground.

Conte recently underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder and has been recovering. After returning to my home country of Italy and resting, the bench was emptied of course during the home game against Man City on the 6th, and after watching the 1-0 victory on TV, I called and congratulated the players in the locker room.

And after four days, I returned to Tottenham.

On the 9th, the Tottenham club revealed on its official social media account that coach Conte was wearing a coat and watching 메이저사이트training. 

Conte is known to have been suffering from severe stomach pain since the end of last month. As a result of the examination, his gallbladder turned red and swollen, and he was diagnosed with cholecystitis and underwent surgery.

Afterwards, he did not hide his will to return to the bench by putting a blue heart with the words “Now it’s time to recover. I want to return to the stadium with the team quickly” through SNS, but he returned to the training ground earlier than expected.

With Conte’s return to London, chances are high that he will return to action sooner than expected.

Tottenham is now at an important point in determining whether or not it will achieve satisfactory results in three competitions: the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup.

Tottenham will play an away game in the 23rd round against Leicester City at 0:00 on the 12th. And at 5 am on the 15th, AC Milan (Italy) and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League round of 16 first leg will be played as an away game.

The British media initially saw that coach Conte could miss up to three games, but he is expected to take the helm against Leicester City after missing just one game against Man City.

However, watching the training and instructing the players in practice with tremendous energy are different, so if you watch for a day or two more, you will be able to guess when Conte will return to the bench.

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