The Hanwha Eagles team is competing fiercely to prove their growth through rebuilding over the past two years.

The Hanwha Eagles team, which visited Kochinda Stadium in Yaese, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan for the first time in four years, started training at 9:00온라인카지노 am on the 2nd despite inclement weather. The day’s training, which began with the fielders’ and pitchers’ teams in the main and auxiliary stadiums, began with the players’ strong commands.

The pitching team is digesting a restless schedule from a simple catch ball to intense defense training and finishing physical training. Including new foreign pitcher Birch Smith, local ace Kim Min-woo, Kim Bum-soo, who recorded the most holds in the team last year, and Kim Jong-su, who performed like Altoran, pitched from the bullpen located next to the auxiliary pitch.

The field team’s training was also filled with a tight training schedule. After the 20-minute defensive training of all fielders, batting training continued immediately. The batting training, which was divided into three groups, involved free batting, bunt, and base running in one stadium as if spinning a cogwheel. The uniforms of the players who finished training were full of stains due to the dust of Kochida Stadium.

Despite intensive training, the players rode the bus back to their lodgings without showing signs of exhaustion. The reason why the Hanwha Eagles team is showing a highly focused training attitude is due to fierce internal competition. The players say that they cannot relax as most positions are competing to get on the opening entry.

Choi Jae-hoon, catcher of the Hanwha Eagles, said, “The atmosphere of the players and the physical condition are very good now because they have sufficiently improved their condition in Arizona, USA.” We are training fiercely to enter the opening entry at the Futures Camp, which is being held at .

Hanwha Eagles coach Carlos Subero also smiled heartily at the hard work of the players.

Coach Subero said, “I asked the players at the beginning of the camp to stick to the basics so that they can keep what they have steadily without ups and downs rather than trying to do more than they are capable of.” It seems to have been done. Following the first camp, the players are concentrating on the training they need to do on their own in the second camp.”

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