Isco is heading to Union Berlin.

The German Bundesliga this season is chaos itself. From the 2012-13 season, Bayern Munich’s solo system continued, and Munich achieved the great feat of winning the league for 10 consecutive seasons, but it is still unclear whether it will set a record for 11 consecutive seasons. Although Munich is currently 1st in the league, the difference between 1st and 5th is only 3 points. Einracht Frankfurt, 6th place, is also in a position to threaten the top ranks at any time, as the difference in points with Munich is only 5 points.

In particular, the progress of Union Berlin is noteworthy. Through the 2018-19 season promotion playoffs, Berlin, which stepped on the Bundesliga, or first division, stage for the first time in club history, finished its first season in the Bundesliga with a respectable score of 11th in the league. After that, he finished 7th in the league in the 2020-21 season and 5th in the league last season, setting a new record every season. The team that is currently chasing behind Munich with a difference of one point is Union Berlin. RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Freiburg follow 메이저사이트 Union Berlin.

Union Berlin is trying to continue the current flow through the winter transfer market. News spread that Isco was heading to Union Berlin.

The German ‘Kicker’ said, “Dramatic changes are coming in the Bundesliga. Union Berlin will soon sign a contract with Isco. This is the same as the report published by ‘Sky Sports’. Isco has now arrived in Berlin , He is scheduled to undergo a medical test. The contract period is until 2024, and can be extended for one year. Isco has been under free agent (FA) since December last year, so there is no transfer fee.”

In addition to ‘Kicker’, European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano also reported Isco’s move to Union Berlin and explained that Isco chose to go to Union Berlin despite receiving offers from several countries.

Isco was called a genius in Malaga. Possessing excellent dribbling ability and decent passing skills, Isco continued his successful career, including being called up by Real Madrid thanks to his performance. His last years in Seville were not good, and although there are downsides of ups and downs, he seems to have enough ability to help Union Berlin.

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