Bae Ji-hwan of Pittsburgh in the major leagues hit his first home run in his big league debut and even showed off a fantastic defense. I played the game of life.

Bae Ji-hwan, who appeared at the start of the second inning with Pittsburgh trailing 1-0, had a two-out first base opportunity, and pushed Boston starter Piveta’s 152 km/h fastball straight away.

The shot that flew like a shot led to a come-from-behind two-run home 안전놀이터run that went slightly over the left wall of the ‘Green Monster’ at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Bae Ji-hwan, who joined Pittsburgh in 2018 and made his major league debut in September of last year, was the thrilling first home run in the big leagues.

The defense also shone.

He made a clean sliding catch in the third inning at second base, and made a rare feat in the eighth inning when he moved to center field.

Boston slugger Devers’ batted ball headed for the middle wall, but at the right time it flew towards the wall and caught it.

[Bae Ji-hwan! That’s a great defense in front of the green monster!]

Pittsburgh won two consecutive victories with Bae Ji-hwan’s performance in both offense and defense.

[Bae Ji-hwan/Pittsburgh infielder: I am really surprised and honored. I didn’t aim for a home run (passing the green monster), but it was a good hit and the launch angle was good.]

Arizona outfielder McCarthy also had an amazing defense.

In the 8th inning against San Diego, after sprinting toward the right foul line to catch the ball, he made an outcount without missing the ball even after falling backwards into the crowd.

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