Yonex Korea announced on the 25th that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with ‘Korean women’s golf legend’ Pak Se-ri.

Yonex Golf has formed a lineup representing Korean golf by joining Kim Hyo-joo, who is active on the LPGA tour, Lim Jin-han, the “master of lessons,” and Pak Se-ri.

Yonex Golf is planning to find golfers in various directions such as TV, online, and offline with Pak Se-ri this year.

Se-Ri Pak entered the Hall of Fame by recording 25 wins on the LPGA Tour and becoming the youngest player to win 4 majors during her career.

After his retirement, he served as the national golf coach for the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 헤라카지노

He is currently taking the lead in nurturing juniors and popularizing golf through youth golf development, TV entertainment, and YouTube Seri TV. 

Pak Se-ri said, “I asked Hyo-joo Kim because I was curious about Yonex golf, but I wanted to try it after hearing that ‘it is a brand that treats golf clubs sincerely, and once a relationship is made, it lasts for a long time'”. I am satisfied with the excellent direction and I want to recommend it to many amateur golfers.”

An official from Yonex Golf said, “We signed the contract because we agreed that Yonex could contribute to coach Se-ri Pak’s plan for the development of golf.

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