An ‘incident’ occurred in which a caster was hit in the forehead by a foul ball during an MLB game.

John Sterling Caster is dedicated to the New York Yankees. It broadcasts live Yankees games on the radio to fans. The same was true on the 11th (Korean time). The Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 3-1.

However, after two deaths in the beginning of the ninth inning, a dangerous situation was created. Boston’s Justin Turner swung the bat, and the ball flew behind home plate. foul ball. However, the ball headed for the broadcasting station and hit Sterling Caster on the forehead. Sterling Caster uttered “Ow, Ow, Ow”, but was not seriously hurt. Sterling Caster assured me that “I will not be on the injured list (IL).”스포츠토토

Sterling Caster is a living witness of American professional sports. He was born in 1938, and made his ‘debut’ as a radio sportscaster in 1970, 53 years ago, in charge of an NBA relay broadcast. In particular, he has been in charge of the Yankees since 1989, and has relayed 5060 games in a row until 2019.

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