“Prepare, you have to pay for the meal.” (Kim Ga-young)

“Yes, I got it.” (Shin Jeong-ju)

In the end, the younger sister who ‘focused more’ on the pressure rather than the older sister’s threat did it. Even in dramatic situations, the color of the team that strengthens teamwork with jokes was also revealed. This is the story behind Hana Card’s dramatic semi-playoff victory.

In the 2022-2023 Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League semi-playoff second leg held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th, Hana Card led the pursuit of the formidable enemy TS and Puradak with Shin Jeong-ju, a’special finish’. They defeated them 4-3 and advanced to the playoffs with 2 wins and 1 loss.

Hana Card, who 토토사이트started with one win in 3rd place in the regular season, lost the first game against 4th place TS Shampoo that day, but won a dramatic victory in the second game that lasted past midnight with a final blow by Shin Jeong-joo, who was the final runner in the 7th set. On this day, in the 2nd match alone, she won 2 wins, including doubles.

Shin Jeong-ju, whom we met after the game, said, “I think I am 10 years old. I was really nervous,” he said, sweeping his chest. I could guess the tremendous pressure Shin Jeong-joo felt with her soft and delicate style.

Shin Jeong-ju is mainly used in the final stages of the team league this season. He said, “His performance was pretty good as he played in 7 sets at the beginning of the season. Since then he has been putting me out on sets of 7 as a fixture. He has played 10 7-set matches in the season to this day,” he revealed.

It is difficult for even the best billiards player to play in a game where winning or losing is the difference. Shin Jeong-ju also said, “I wanted it to be finished in front of me.”

However, the feeling of winning by finishing is thrilling. The heart is also getting stronger. Shin Jeong-joo said, “As Ga-young noona played in the 6th set, she said, ‘Prepare to work, I have to pay for the meal’. Gayoung noona won the 6th set, making the score 3-3. So, I became more determined.” He also smiled broadly, saying, “I feel good because I paid for the meal.”

Shin Jeong-ju is a representative player in his 20s for PBA, a professional billiards club. He has won the championship at the start of the season, and has established himself as a strong player by consistently producing results every season.

However, he had a hard time with a ligament injury in the ring finger of his right hand, which was cut off in a fall earlier this year. He took off his cast after three weeks, but was unable to play in the 7th round of the individual tour, and went out in the 8th round after enduring pain, but was stopped in the round of 64. At the time, his fingers were barely moving.

Of course, with the results so far, he remained in the round of 64 in the season rankings, but there must be regret. Nevertheless, he worried about the team first, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t contribute to the team league playoff preparations due to my injury.”

Even today, the fingers were not in perfect condition. Shin Jeong-ju said, “I think I have recovered to about 80% of normal. I still can’t fully open it.”

Now, his eyes are on the Blue One Resort, which he will meet in the playoffs on the afternoon of the 18th. As he reached the playoffs with difficulty, his fighting spirit is strong, and the team’s cohesiveness has grown.

“It will be a tight match,” he said. we are strong We will play as we always do,” he stressed. His fresh smile is bright.

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