The hidden contributor to Manchester City’s progress to the final. Sideback Kyle Walker.

Man City won 4-0 in the second leg of the 2022-2023 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 18th (Korean time).

Manchester City,메이저놀이터 who drew 1-1 in the away match in the first leg, advanced to the final with a 5-1 aggregate lead.

Bernardo Silva, who scored two goals, was selected as the official player of the match, but Walker, who tied the opposing ace, Vinicius Junior, was also dazzling.

On this day, Vinicius showed a lethargic appearance. He never succeeded in dribbling and had zero key passes. He didn’t even record a shot on target.

Vinicius is currently regarded as one of the most outstanding wingers in all of Europe. According to, a soccer statistics company, Vinicius completed an average of 3.4 dribbles per game in Spanish La Liga this season. It is the number one record in Europe. In the Champions League, he recorded 3.9 times. Vinicius is the player who makes the side defenders helpless with his explosive speed and skill. His last game 1 also recorded 5 successful dribbles.

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But in this game, Vinicius was quiet. Walker calmly and calmly turned Vinicius around. Nor did he harass Vinicius as wildly as some La Liga defenders do. He responded perfectly with his skills and blocked Vinicius, and Man City succeeded in a scoreless victory.

Walker, a veteran born in 1990, is 10 years older than Vinicius, born in 2000. Nevertheless, he proved his ability with his skillful defense.

After the match, Walker said, “You need to be a little arrogant, like strikers do. He believed in my speed and chose a head-on challenge. Vinicius is a fantastic player. But I believed in my strength. We made it as difficult as possible for him.”

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