Eui-ri Lee (21), who is considered the next-generation ace of KIA, has a ball that is recognized by others. Everyone is excited about his natural shoulder that can throw 150 km per hour without much effort. He has a quick arm swing too. There is also an expectation that he will be able to throw a faster ball if he has more strength in his body.

In fact, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk even emphasized that 스포츠토토“Lee Eui-ri’s pitch is as good as that of a foreign pitcher.” But there are also regrets. He has a good pitch, but he is not free from the problem of ‘knowledge’. Even in this season, where he was expected to grow one step further, he is fighting against Jegu in the beginning. He played 8 innings this year and gave up only 11 walks. He averaged 12.38 per nine innings. The total number of walks per 9 innings per 1st team is 4.94, and free on-base is frequent.

In the match against Doosan in Gwangju on the 8th, which was the previous appearance, he showed relatively good control until the 2nd inning, but he faltered from the 3rd inning and was eventually knocked out in the 4th inning. He gave up too many walks. The Doosan batters waited patiently, realizing that Lee Eui-ri’s pitch was suddenly shaking. In the end, Lee Eui-ri was unable to fill the fourth inning while allowing five walks despite the low hit rate of 0.182 that day. He had 5 hits this year, but he gave up 11 walks. Eui-ri Lee also made a sad face after the game.

He doesn’t have a consistent release point yet, so his arms open early and his control falters. Kia sees that there is no royal road. He said that once you throw a lot, you have to get the realization of something and catch the ball. However, some point out that it is necessary to go beyond the simple control problem. Based on right-handed hitter, it is a body side game.

This year, Eui-ri Lee gave up 4 walks to left-handed hitters and 7 walks to right-handed hitters. In a right-handed game, there were many cases where the ball was thrown outward. However, if you look closely, it is evaluated that the problem is that the left-hander is passive in the essential body game against the right-handed hitter. Lee Eui-ri must overcome this challenge to become an ace.

According to the tally of ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to nine KBO league clubs, Lee Eui-ri’s rate of entering right-handed hitter’s opponent’s inner course was small last year. It was just over 23%. More than 50% were formed outside. It is also related to this that the Doosan right-handed hitters were able to narrow the zone in the game on the 8th. It is revealed that the left-handed hitter is having difficulty attacking the opponent’s body in that the course is still over 30%. It was the same in the 4th episode on the 8th.

One commentator said, “The catcher doesn’t just ask for the outside. If you look at Song Seung-hwan’s at-bat in the 4th inning against Doosan on the 8th, the catcher (the right-handed hitter) is sitting toward the body. The catcher sits toward the body and asks for the outside, but the ball keeps going outside. “The right-handed batter’s body course is the same as the left-handed hitter’s outer course, but the left-handed batter’s outer side doesn’t struggle so much.

“So far, he is showing a typical fight against himself. Because he has a good ball, he needs to have confidence. Maybe it’s because he lacks skill, but he shouldn’t because he doesn’t have confidence. Lee Eui-ri is a good changeup player. That’s why. It is essential for Rado to attack the right-handed hitter’s inner course,” he advised.

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