AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho is drawing attention by taking ‘extreme measures’.

AS Roma will play against Sevilla in the 2022-23 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) final at the Pushkas Arena in Budapest, Hungary on June 1.

Prior to this match, it was revealed that Mourinho took extreme measures to ban AS Roma’s staff from entering the training ground. Why did Mourinho make this choice?메이저사이트

Italy’s ‘Corriere Dello Sport’ said, “Ahead of the UEL final against Sevilla, coach Mourinho banned AS Roma staff from entering the training ground. This is an extreme measure by coach Mourinho to win the UCL. I desperately want it,” he said.

The media then explained, “These measures began on the 29th. Only essential personnel were allowed to enter the training ground. It is understood that at least technical and medical staff were allowed to enter the training ground.”

At the same time, the media said, “This action is like a kind of superstition by Mourinho. Similar measures were taken before the Europa Conference League final last season, and AS Roma won the championship. In preparing his tactics, Mourinho coach It doesn’t matter how, and this has helped ensure Mourinho’s history to win.”

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