We were able to beat France in the FIFA U-20 World Cup thanks to thorough analysis and targeting.

Even if he gave up the ball possession, he hit the mark with a quick counterattack and set piece.

In the 22nd minute of the first half, when Kang Sung-jin won the flowing ball, Kim Yong-hak and Lee Seung-won run vigorously toward the French goal.스포츠토토

Kim Yong-hak overcame the competition and passed the ball accurately, and captain Lee Seung-won finishes with a half-beat fast shot.

[“Korea, clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!]

It was the moment when director Kim Eun-joong’s plan to aim for a counterattack based on strong pressure and fast transition to offense and defense was right.

[Kim Eun-joong/Coach of the Under-20 national soccer team: “(We) prepared a counterattack by playing defense in our own way, and I think the players followed the tactics well.”]

The clever set piece, made with careful preparation, led to the winning goal of 193cm striker Lee Young-joon, who celebrated his birthday.

[Lee Young-pyo/KBS soccer commentator: “It’s attacking very effectively. Tall French defenders were placed in the back, so they were not prepared to stop Lee Young-joon, who advanced to the front and cut in.”]

Korea was far behind France in terms of market share and number of shots, but its effective shots were equal, and it completed Silly football with activity that ran 6km more than France.

[Lee Young-joon / Under-20 national soccer team: “I practiced a lot in set pieces and I’m so happy to score in a good situation.”]

Korea, which defeated the winning candidate by adding goalkeeper Kim Joon-hong’s brilliant defense, started to recreate the myth of runner-up in the last tournament.

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