Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Choi Ji-man, who was on the injured list with a left Achilles tendon injury, is making progress in his rehabilitation.

Todd Tomchick, 스포츠토토director of sports medicine at the Pirates, delivered news of injured players ahead of a home game against the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 11th (Korean time).

Regarding Choi Ji-man, he said, “It has been three weeks since I received the PRP injection, and I am currently in the state of taking off the protection.”

Choi Ji-man is playing catch on the 11th (Korean time). Photo (Pittsburgh, U.S.) = Correspondent Kim Jae-ho
Choi Ji-man was seen on the field during the pre-game training the day before and playing catch while the trainer watched.

Tomchik said, “We are continuing to build strength at the moment. He is still anticipating a return in 8 weeks,” he added.

When he was first diagnosed, he predicted that it would take eight weeks for him to ‘be able to play baseball’.

He said, “The goal is to return to the major leagues in 8 weeks,” and made it clear that ‘8 weeks’ was aimed at returning to the big leagues, not returning to actual play. He said, “It may be delayed if more time is needed. It is important to ensure that the injury does not recur. The exact time of return is still to be determined later (TBD), but the goal is to return to the major leagues in 8 weeks.”

Choi Ji-man, who finished training on the 10th (Korean time), is listening to the trainer’s explanation. Photo (Pittsburgh, U.S.) = Correspondent Kim Jae-ho
Meanwhile, he also shared news of other injured players. Regarding shortstop O’Neill Cruz, who left due to an ankle fracture, “It’s been 4 weeks, and it looked good as a result of the interim check. The wound is in good shape and his swelling has subsided. He started training his upper body. But he still can’t put the power on his feet.”

When asked if he still expects to return within the season, he said, “It depends on how your ankle reacts when you reach the stage where you can put weight on your foot. Still looking positive. It would be really good for him and the team to come back within this season. We want to bring him back when we feel he’s ready.”

Travis Swaggerty, who left Triple A due to a viral illness, is currently participating in all training sessions. He is aiming for his comeback at the end of this month.

Vince Velazquez, who was out with an elbow injury, has resumed his pitching training. My goal is to do live BP next week. “He is hoping there will be minimal gaps. Encouraging,” explains Tomchick.

Two weeks have passed since the PRP injection for Will Crow, who left due to a shoulder injury. He was diagnosed with Internal Impingement Syndrome. He will be resting for another two weeks.

Rehabilitating in Florida after Tommy John surgery, Max Cranick now pitches twice a week in the bullpen. “The progress is encouraging, but we are still looking forward to coming back in the second half,” said Tomchik.

Rob Jastrizny, who digested the live PB the day before, finished it without any particular problems. After digesting one more live PB within this week, he is scheduled to start rehabilitation next week.

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