After the international break,토토사이트the English Premier League will resume on the 16th. Chelsea intends to improve their team during the break and move up the rankings.

Chelsea’s ranking this season is 12th. We took a break after the 4th round, but only gained 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw, and 2 losses.

Chelsea’s performance, which is located in the lower middle of the rankings, is shocking as it ranks 12th, the same as last season. Although they invested about 1 billion pounds, or 1.7 trillion won, they remained in 12th place with 44 points. This is a shocking result.

The problem is that even this season, which we believed in, our performance is still in the lower to mid-range. We must overcome this impasse. However, Britain’s The Sun reported that, unfortunately, Chelsea’s ‘savior’ is only 16 years old. Chelsea fans, in particular, are sad that they will not be able to join the team for the next two years.

Chelsea fans are frustrated that one of their young stars will have to wait another two years to wear a Chelsea shirt after having a historic coming-of-age ceremony, The Sun reported. The reason he had to wait two years is simple. This is because you have to fulfill your age. Not only is he not old enough to sign with a professional team yet, but he cannot play in the EPL due to regulations.

The player that coach Mauricio Pochettino has high hopes for is 16-year-old Kendry Perez, who has not yet signed a contract with Chelsea. He currently plays for Independiente del Valle in Ecuador, where he is already a regular for the first team. Because the rules are different from the English Premier League, he wore a professional uniform at a young age.

Last summer, Perez announced that he had agreed to sign with Chelsea. He is set to wear a Chelsea shirt in May 2025, when he turns 18. Perez has already made headlines with his first senior goal. And he starred early on in both the U17 and U20 World Cups.

And Perez started as a starter in the 2026 World Cup qualifier held in Ecuador on the 13th. At the age of 16, he played for the adult national team as a starting player in the World Cup qualifiers. The result was a 2-1 win for Ecuador.

 The media reported that he played a decisive role in Ecuador’s victory. This is because he provided an assist to Felix Eduardo Torres Caicedo, who scored the winning goal in the 16th minute of the second half when the team was tied 1-1. When he was substituted at the end of the second half and left the ground, the home fans gave him thunderous applause.

Perez became the second youngest player to play for the South American national team after Argentina’s Diego Maradona.

Although he failed to break the record for the youngest national team appearance, he did set the record for being the youngest player to assist a South American national team, another record previously held by Brazil’s Pele.

Perez’s performance was spread to the UK through social media. Chelsea fans were thrilled with Perez’s assist but they were left frustrated at having to wait two years to see him in action, The Sun reported.

Fans said: “It turns out our best player in the national team will not be allowed to kick a ball for Chelsea for the next two years” or “Is there no way to get around this stupid rule?” “It’s so disappointing but it was worth the wait.” [ I hope

this season is still early, but Chelsea is in 12th place. Chelsea fans are hoping that Perez, who is currently playing for Ecuador as an adult, will become Chelsea’s savior in two years. 

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