The game between LG and KIA at Jamsil Stadium on the 1st was played under a heat warning. With sweat dripping from their brow even if they stood still, the home team, LG, finished training early and retreated to the clubhouse.카지노사이트

But at a time when it should have been quiet, the vast Jamsil Stadium suddenly became noisy. It came from the KIA players, who had been stretching in the outfield since arriving at the stadium. The players were shouting, clapping, and chanting ‘cheers’ as they began to train energetically. The energy was uncharacteristic for a team on a losing streak.

In fact, the good mood was a strange trend. In the month of June, KIA went 7-15-1 (.318). That was the ninth-best June record in the league. At one point, they were in a five-way tie for first place, but a poor June saw them slip down the standings and into ninth place at the end of June. It was a disheartening performance, even though there was still a lot of time left in the season.

However, the KIA players knew that if the momentum was lost, it was over. The veterans took the lead and tried to keep the younger players’ spirits up, and the players tried to focus more on each play. After the fun stretches, the players took their training seriously and rushed to get ready for the game.

Kia head coach Kim Jong-guk, who was unable to see the players stretch due to the schedule, smiled and said, “Something good must be happening,” and added, “The players know (the mood) best. In this situation, I think the players did it to reverse (the mood) and not to sag a bit,” he said with an inward smile. He praised the players for their efforts to keep that energy internal.

It doesn’t matter how good the atmosphere is in training if it doesn’t carry over into the match. KIA, who had lost three in a row, were undaunted by the fact that they were facing a foreign ace in Adam Plutko, who was also unbeaten this year, and they did their best to play their part. The result was a thrilling 5-3 victory, which snapped a three-game losing streak. It was the best possible result in what could have been a long losing streak.

The concentration of the players shone from the first inning. In the second inning, Park Chan-ho did not give up when Kim Hyun-soo’s hit bounced off the pitcher Kim Gun-guk, but he chased it down and made a diving catch to get the runner out. The third base dugout and the stands heated up. Substitute starter Kim Gun-guk didn’t look back and pitched his heart out to keep the game close.

In the fourth inning, he used his concentration to shut down Plutko, who was having one of his best performances of the year. After Choi Hyung-woo singled to lead off the inning, the KIA batters took one pitch after another from Plutko and refused to let go. With swings that focused on precise contact rather than big swings, the batters were able to get hits, which eventually led to a five-run fourth inning. Everyone was focused at the plate, and that’s how Plutko got over the hump.

With the bases loaded, Socrates’ Ji-hyuk Ryu hit back-to-back singles to bring in the first run of the inning. This is where coach Kim Jong-guk’s pinch-hitting plan shined. It was still relatively early in the game, but he brought in left-handed hitter Ko Jong-wook instead of catcher Han Jun-soo. Go Jong-wook hit a two-run double down the right-field line to turn the game around and give KIA the lead.

Park Chan-ho followed with an infield single and Choi Won-joon followed with a single to right. The runners kept Plutko on their toes with aggressive and error-free base running after each hit. Hwang Dae-in, who was recalled from the second team after making adjustments, had three hits.

Once the lead was established, the bullpen took over for much of the rest of the inning. Starting with Kim Ki-hoon, who reached base three times, Park Jun-pyo, Lee Jun-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, and Choi Ji-min all pitched well to preserve the narrow lead. Kim Ki-hoon, Park Jun-pyo, and Choi Ji-min struck out four batters, while Jeon Sang-hyun retired five batters in a row, showing the strength of the KIA bullpen. There was no one player who could do it all, and everyone came together to end the losing streak.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook, who reached 100 wins in the KBO with the win, was relatively long in his postgame comments as all the players played their part. “I could feel the will of the players to end the losing streak,” he said, and singled out the fourth inning as the deciding factor, saying, “We expected it to be a tough game with their ace on the mound, but the batters came up with a big inning in the top of the fourth and we were able to settle the game in our flow.”

“From Kim Ki-hoon to Choi Ji-min, who pitched the last inning, all the pitchers did their job, especially Jeon Sang-hyun and Choi Ji-min, who pitched three perfect innings,” he said. “Overall, the defence stood out, and I would like to praise the batters who didn’t miss their chances,” Hwang Dae-in Go Jong-wook said. The players deserve a lot of praise. As long as the atmosphere doesn’t crumble, the chances will come. KIA confirmed on the 1st that they are still holding on to the former.

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