Kim Do-hyeok (31, Incheon) takes on another challenge this season. Kim Do-hyeok, who changed his position from central midfielder to left wing forward last season, seeks to transform into left wing back in the 2023 season. Coach Cho Seong-hwan, who had concerns about the left wingback, suggested a position change to Kim Do-hyeok, and Kim Do-hyuk readily accepted it. It was a choice like Kim Do-hyuk, who always thinks of the team first. Kim Do-hyeok, whom Incheon met in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do during training, said, “I thought that if I could see all three positions, central midfielder, left wing forward, and left wing back, I c메이저사이트ould be of greater help to the team. I didn’t worry too much about it after receiving the offer. I think it’s more valuable to do something that others wouldn’t think of. I’ll do my best, and I really want to do well.”

Kim Do-hyeok is already feeling the charm of his new position. He said, “Since there is a good striker in front of me, it is fun to work together. It is fun to find and fix problems, and to make them one by one.” Dohyuk Kim is learning left wingback in his rookie stance. He laughed and said, “Coach Yongho Park and Jaeseop Byeon give me a lot of advice. They break the mold and I feel like I am playing soccer again.”

This season, Incheon is being evaluated as more than a dark horse. Incheon, which succeeded in advancing to the Asian Champions League for the first time last season, upgraded its power throughout the winter by adding Shin Jin-ho and Gerso. Kim Do-hyeok seemed to feel a sense of alienation after seeing Incheon’s squad this season. He laughed, saying, “This year is my 10th year in Incheon. Considering the fact that I went through arrears in wages, it’s amazing to see the squad now. I’ve had a hard time for a long time, but I felt the lesson once again that good days like this will come if I persevere and endure.” When he saw the Lee Myung-joo-Shin Jin-ho team unraveling the game, he said, “I even thought it was not Incheon.” The reason why Kim Do-hyeok changed his position was because he wanted to somehow fill the necessary parts with good current power.

Kim Do-hyeok is now dreaming of a bigger dream. He said, “I had two things on my bucket list while in Incheon. Advancement to the Asian Champions League and winning the FA Cup. I think this year is my chance to advance to the Asian Champions League and win the FA Cup. It’s strange to think about it, but the more I think about it, the more I think of the difficult moments.” To do so, Kim Do-hyeok’s performance is essential. He raised his voice, saying, “We need a lot of goals to reach our goal this year. To do this, we need a lot of help from the wingback position. I want to set the record for as many assists as possible.”

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