Ahead of the World Baseball Classic, it has emerged as an urgent task for pitchers to adapt to the competition’s official ball. It is slightly different from the domestic official ball, but it is not easy to adapt to.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.


The core left-hander of the national team, Chang-mo Koo, is immersed in practicing a breaking ball alone while coach Kang-cheol Lee watches토토사이트.

This is because he had difficulty adjusting to the WBC official ball and had difficulty controlling a breaking ball, and in the first evaluation match, he suffered 3 hits and 1 walk during one inning.

[Gu Chang-mo / WBC national team pitcher: I don’t know how to feel yet. At what point should the official ball be placed? It has to be pressed when throwing, but since the ball is a bit big, there are some things that fall out.]

Other pitchers, such as Jung Woo-young, who gave the ball that fits the body for two consecutive games, and Jeong Cheol-won, who threw two wild throws, are similarly concerned.

The WBC official ball has a smoother surface and less stitches than the domestic official ball, and is slightly larger in size, so it takes time to adapt.

[Yang Hyeon-jong/WBC national team pitcher: (WBC game is held) Because it is a dome, the wind does not blow very much. This means that your hands will never get dry or dry. Because I think doing it at the Tokyo Dome will be much better than now.]

Like the major leagues, the WBC uses mud on its official ball to prevent slipping, so the national team also applies mud on its official ball for training.

In addition, we are focusing on ‘finding a solution’ by continuously giving players new balls so that they can learn their senses.

The national team mound plans to focus on adapting to the official ball that is unlikely to be caught in the remaining three rounds of evaluation.

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