The San Diego Padres are struggling in a slump, but it’s not without the possibility of a rebound.

Even during the Stove League, San Diego was mentioned as a candidate for the championship. This is because it has achieved a massive power boost. After signing an 11-year, $280 million contract with large shortstop Xander Bogatz, he also signed long-term contracts with internal resources such as Manny Machado and Darvish Yu. San Diego expressed its will to challenge the presidency with hot investments.메이저놀이터

However, when I opened the lid, the situation was worse than last year. On the 30th (Korean time), San Diego recorded a win rate of 0.453 with 24 wins and 29 losses, and was ranked 4th in the National League West Division. The number one ride with the LA Dodgers is 7.5 games. Even in the wild card rankings, San Diego didn’t even make it to the top five. At this rate, the postseason is also unpredictable.

Still, the season is long, so I can’t give up. The American sports media ‘The Athletic’ said on the 30th (Korean time) that ‘San Diego was mentioned as a candidate to win the World Series, but it is giving the baseball world the biggest disappointment’ and said, ‘The sky hasn’t collapsed yet’, and the positive part of San Diego. introduced.

▲ San Diego Padres Lougned O’Door.

The media predicted that Lougned Odor’s performance would play an important role in helping San Diego go higher. In the last 7 games, Odor recorded a batting average of 0.321 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.750 and 4 homers. According to Statcast, Odor has a high expected batting average and on-base percentage. This is his career high, ‘and if O’Doer plays, he will be a big help to San Diego.

Not only that, but the rebound of Juan Soto is also a good thing for San Diego. Soto, who fell into a batting slump at the beginning of the season, has made a perfect comeback. Even in April, he fluctuated with a batting average of 0.202, but in May, he recorded a batting average of 0.333 (27 hits in 18 at-bats), an on-base percentage of 0.481, a slugging percentage of 0.654, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.135, leading the San Diego batting line.

▲ Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres.

San Diego’s “sweet potato batting line” is a problem that can’t take advantage of opportunities. In the end, the other line must explode to win. Hitting has a cycle. If the San Diego batters’ sense of hitting comes up, the chances of a successful rebound increase.

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