“We wanted to break the mood by trying to make them laugh 카지노사이트, even if it was just for a moment.”

SSG Landers’ conditioning coaches organised an event to make the players laugh in order to change the mood.

Before their game against the Samsung Lions in the Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League 2023 at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th, conditioning coaches appeared on the field wearing muscleman T-shirts and wigs. This brought smiles to the players’ faces.

“With the hot weather in the second half of the season and the team’s performance falling short of expectations, all the conditioning coaches, including Chief Conditioning Coach Park Chang-min, came up with an idea to turn the team’s mood around,” SSG said.

“The coaches, who wore ‘Hawaiian shirts’ last year, gathered a lot of ideas for the upgraded costumes and chose the most effective ones,” he said. “At first, we only chose muscle shirts, but we felt that it was not enough, so we purchased additional exotic wigs and presented them for the first time today.”

Park Jong-hoon and Seo Jin-yong./Courtesy of SSG Landers

The players responded to the conditioning coaches’ efforts. Seo Jin-yong and Park Jong-hoon also donned wigs for warm-ups with their conditioning coaches. This created a friendly atmosphere among the squad.

“The conditioning department is in charge of treatment and training for the players, but as the game was not going as well as we thought in the second half of the season, we were thinking of ways to help the team atmosphere in addition to these main duties,” said Park Chang-min, head conditioning coach. “We wanted to create a flexible team atmosphere through laughter, so we chose the muscleman shirt and wig event outfits. Luckily, the players responded with smiles from the start of the day, and I’m grateful for that, and I hope it translates into good results.”

Courtesy of SSG Landers

Park Jong-hoon, who also attended the event, said, “I’m grateful to the conditioning coaches for putting in the effort at the risk of embarrassment. It’s a good cause, and I hope our players will join in and continue the good vibes.” ”As soon as I got to work, I saw the coaches’ costumes and laughed,” said Seo Jin-yong. I’m really grateful that I could start my day with a smile.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, SSG came from behind to win 3-2 in extra innings thanks to Han Yoo-seom’s game-winning hit. The team will look to make it two in a row when they host Samsung in the final game of their three-game weekend series on the 13th.

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