In the end, Karim Benzema’s choice was to go to Saudi Arabia.

It was ‘official’. On the 7th (Korean time), Al Ittihad announced on its official channel, ‘Introducing the new superstar Benzema. Welcome to Al Ittihad.” Benzema wears an Al Ittihad shirt. On the back of the uniform, ‘2026’, which means the contract period, was written. “It’s always exciting to experience new football in another country,” Benzema said. “There are a lot of players. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing. I will try to win, just like I did in Europe.” The specific salary has not been disclosed, but reports suggest it is estimated at 200 million euros. It is the same amount as Ronaldo, who signed with Al Nasr in January.메이저사이트

Benzema made a reversal decision on the 4th. Parting with Real Madrid. “The captain, Benzema, is the most spectacular and unforgettable player in our club,” Real Madrid said on official channels. He agreed to end my time with him. Real Madrid express their gratitude and affection to one of our greatest legends, Benzema. Prior to this announcement, Fabrizio Romano, a European transfer market expert, also posted on his social media account, “Benzema is leaving Real Madrid. In the morning, Benzema’s side held talks with Real Madrid’s side. The decision was made by breaking up,’ he said.

Even at first, Benzema was highly likely to remain at Real Madrid. Benzema recently received an offer from Saudi Arabia, which is sending indiscriminate offers to big stars. Al Ittihad gestured towards Benzema. Benzema informed Real Madrid of this. Benzema’s contract expired on June 30. Benzema, who has a one-year extension option, seemed to be thinking about staying at Real Madrid and going to Saudi Arabia. Romano said, ‘Benzema is seriously considering a transfer, and will soon decide where to go’. Real Madrid decided to leave the choice to Benzema.

Benzema’s choice seemed to be to stay. “Reality is different from the Internet,” he said at a press conference. Benzema told Marca: “Why are you talking about my future? I’m at Real Madrid. I’m proud of my work and I enjoy every minute of my Madrid life. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will train at Real Madrid. ” said In fact, it was an announcement to stay at Real Madrid.

But the situation took a drastic turn. The Saudi offer continued. The content was astronomical. Benzema, who is in the twilight of his career as a player, is bound to be shaken by the tremendous supply offensive.

In the end, Benzema’s choice was to say goodbye to Real Madrid. Benzema is the undoubted Real Madrid legend. He played 14 seasons for Real Madrid, appearing in 647 matches, scoring a whopping 354 goals and 165 assists. He ranks second in Real Madrid history. Benzema has lifted 25 trophies with Real Madrid. Benzema, who was named as a member of the 2nd Galactico along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka in 2009, kept Real Madrid for the longest time. In particular, the BBC line built with Ronaldo and Gareth Bale achieved the great feat of winning three consecutive European Champions League titles.

After Ronaldo left, he emerged from an assistant to an ace. He was the top scorer in the Primera Liga last season with 27 goals. He led the league and European Champions League titles and even won the Ballon d’Or. Although this season was not in normal condition due to the aftermath of injuries, he finished second in the league scoring list with 18 goals. He was the best striker with both consistency and explosive power.

Benzema’s destination was, as expected, Al Ittihad. Recently, Saudi Arabia, which has been at the center of the issue with Ronaldo, is showing an active movement to host the World Cup. Saudi Arabia took over Newcastle United of the English Premier League with the Saudi sovereign wealth fund at the forefront, and even embraced Ronaldo. Recently, he has been linked with Lionel Messi, Hugo Lloris, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos. Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with ‘Vision 2030’. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, dubbed ‘Mr. Everything’, wants to raise his international status around sports. Benzema is also part of this.

Benzema is known to have asked Ronaldo, whom he had been close to since Real Madrid, several times about life in Saudi Arabia. Unlike Real Madrid, who wanted a one-year extension, Benzema opened his heart to Saudi Arabia, who guaranteed him a three-year contract. Of course, the money was great. He will receive an annual salary of 200 million euros and a bonus for his activities as an ambassador for the World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, which even embraced Benzema, appears to be establishing itself as the new Eldorado of world football. After Ronaldo and Benzema, the next target is Messi. Al-Hilal has already offered an annual salary of 400 million euros to sign Messi. Messi is also positive about going to Saudi Arabia. Messi is currently free, out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain. On the 6th, Jorge Messi, Messi’s agent, appears to be changing the airflow through a surprise meeting with President Juan Laporta, but Al-Hilal continues to send calls to Messi.

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