In June, Jung Hae-young (22-KIA) had the toughest month of his career. She was sent to the second team due to poor form. It was the first time since joining the team.토스카지노

Since joining the Tigers in 2020 and taking over as closer the following year due to an injury to Jeon Sang-hyun, Jung has been on a straight path. After becoming the first Tiger to record 30 saves in back-to-back years and the youngest player in the KBO to reach the 50-save mark, he stopped for the first time this year. He was dropped from the roster at the end of May after a string of shaky pitches that saw his velocity and control drop significantly. He wasn’t even sent to the second team. I stopped pitching and started from scratch, focusing on balance. It was urgent to restore my confidence.

On the last two days, Jung Hae-young returned after a month’s break and entered the middle game. Despite her return, KIA’s closers were still rotated among other pitchers, as they had been for the past month or so. KIA gave her time to regain her composure and confidence.

Now that she’s recovered, she’s determined to have a strong second half.

“I thought this year (my third year of finishing) was really important, and I worked really hard in the off-season, but I think I was intimidated. I felt stupid,” she said. “My fastball wasn’t coming out much and my delivery wasn’t good, so after I went to Hampyeong, I just did balance exercises for three weeks. I need to feel it more as I continue to throw, but I feel that my delivery has improved somewhat since I came back, and I seem to be recovering by using a lot of changeups.”

KIA’s Jung Hae-young pitches hard in the middle innings against the Incheon SSG on the 6th. Jeong Ji-yoon Senior Reporter

It takes years to develop a closer, and for nearly a decade, Kia struggled to find one, often having to rely on outside signings. One day in his second year, the team was rocked by the arrival of Jung Hae-young, who took over the closing role overnight and threw with aplomb.

“I think I became more eager and more responsible after being out for a while. When I first went down, I didn’t watch baseball at all for a while. It was upsetting to watch, so I only watched the news (of the team’s poor performance). I came back when the team was on the rise. But I came back and helped us win four games, so I’m going to pitch as many games as I can to help us win.”

The third-year finisher started the second half of the season with her mind set on a win. Her goal is to repay the debt of the first half. She will throw as much as she can.

“For a month, (Choi) Jimin, (Jeon) Sang-hyun, (Lee) Jun-young, (Jang) Hyun-sik, and (Lim) Ki-young suffered a lot because of me. I wish I could come in and do well right away, but I’m doing everything right now, so I’ll go up as the director says,” he said, “I’ve been off for a month. I’m probably the only one who’s okay right now. I’ll throw myself into it. Of course I want to get back to the top, but whenever that is, I’m going to play as many games as I can. That’s what my brothers did when I was out, and now I’m going to take the pressure off of them and hopefully they don’t get hurt and do well.”

Jung, who had appeared in the middle of the order in three games since his return, made his final appearance of the first half on 12 December, entering the game with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth inning with Samsung Electronics leading by one run, and got the final out with two pitches to earn his first save since returning. In the four games since his return, he has pitched 3.1 innings of three-hit, no walks and no runs, a sign of things to come in the second half. A return to the closer’s role is not far off.

“I don’t think my confidence is at 100 per cent yet, but I think I have a long way to go. If you watch me a little longer, I will show the bench and the fans that I can pitch with confidence,” she vowed.

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