The most popular confrontation in the NBA East and West Conference Round 2 (Quarterfinals) series is, of course, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Stephen Curry’s Golden State and LeBron James’ LA Lakers. It’s a showdown between the most popular and influential stars in the NBA in the last 10 years. In addition, Golden State and LA Lakers are also nationally popular teams.

US CBS Sports said 온라인카지노 on the 4th (Korean time), ‘The ticket price for the Western Conference Semifinal Game 3 between Golden State and LA Lakers is expected to be the second highest in NBA history.’

CBS Sports, citing data from ticket marketplace Vivid Seats, said, ‘The third game between Golden State and LA Lakers is priced at an average of $873 (about 1.16 million won). An average ticket price of $937 was set for the Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz game in April 2016. It was Kobe Bryant’s last game at the time.”

Game 3 will be held at the Arena, home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Golden State, which secured the top seed, will play games 1 and 2 at home, and game 3 will be held at the home of the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Ticket prices surged 20% overnight after the Los Angeles Lakers won Game 1 on the road 117-112,” according to Vivid Sheets.

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