The resurgence of “5 billion shortstop” Noh Jin-hyuk, 34, has been key to the Lotte Giants’ second-half comeback. However, there is no dramatic change in Noh’s game right now.카지노사이트

He is batting an anaemic 1-for-33 (7-for-51) with four RBIs and a .381 OPS in the second half. As his slump continues, there are growing concerns for Noh. He was touted as a long-hitting shortstop, but he hasn’t even managed a hit, let alone a home run.

However, in the Sajik KIA game on the 11th, Noh Jinhyeok made a valuable play that drew applause from his commander. It wasn’t a spectacular hit, but it was a golden play that helped the team. It was the kind of play that comes from a veteran’s experience.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, with the score 4-0, he laid down an unexpected bunt with the bases loaded. The Kia infield had shifted completely to the right, but Noh took advantage and laid down an exquisite bunt towards third base, where there were no defenders. The bunt straddled the third base line, and its course and speed were so exquisite that it could have easily gone into the outfield. It put runners on first and second, and Son scored on a single to make it 5-0.


Looking ahead to Game 12, Sutton said, “Jin-hyuk Noh made a very smart play. “It was a big moment, and he thought about the defence shift and executed it well. It was a valuable run.”

In the bottom of the eighth, with runners on first and third, Sutton hit a sacrifice fly to centre field to make it 6-1. “Then in the eighth inning, with a runner on third, I tried a safety squeeze bunt and it was a ball, and then I hit a sacrifice fly to centre field to drive in a run. This was also important,” he said, adding, “Noh Jin-hyuk is a very hardworking player and is showing signs that he is getting better.” He believed in the veteran’s resurgence.

However, in the sixth inning, with the bases loaded after the surprise bunt, Noh was thrown out trying to steal home. But Sutton also saw the process as a positive: “One of our team’s identities is to emphasise one more base. Yesterday, Noh Jin-hyuk’s lead wasn’t bad, and he went home when the opponent decided to throw to second, and his two throws from home to second and second to home were spot-on. The KIA fielders did a good job,” he said, “and Goodrum’s batting wasn’t very good, so I was willing to take a risk and try to get one more run.”

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