“Let’s say you had to bet on one team’s championship before the start of this season. In that case, most people wouldn’t bet on Arsenal.”

Arsenal, which is trying to win the Premier League, will face off against Aston Villa on the 18th at 9:30 pm (hereinafter Korean time) in the Premier League for the 2022-20223 season.

Arsenal, who had been holding the top spot in the league, lost 1-3 in the match against Manchester City on the 16th, catching up with the points and giving up the lead to Man City. Arsenal and Man City both have 51 points, but with Arsenal having played a game less than Manchester City, they are not completely caught up yet.

Ahead of the game, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported the contents of the press conference with manager Arteta. “A lot of people 온라인바카라want us to win the league because they have sympathy for our team, our players and the way we got here,” Arteta said.

“Man City have been fighting for the title for the past five years, so they were favorites from the opening day of the league. Let’s say you had to bet on one team to win before the start of this season. In that case, most people wouldn’t bet on us.” said.

“But when I see the team winning games like now, the passion to strive for greater achievements grows. It is true that Arsenal have been away from winning recently, but we want to unite as one.”

“This doesn’t happen overnight,” Arteta said. “We can’t control the other team’s situation. The only way is to win the next game we face. This weekend’s leaderboard will look very different in three weeks. will,” he said.

He added: “We want good results and victories. That’s why the players are showing great motivation before the Villa match.”

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